Automation Actions

Hyperglance supports several automation actions. The button to run these actions is in the Advanced Search tab. Each action can be applied to a specific entity or a group of entities. 

Running an action over a search result

The steps to run an action for a search result are:

  1. Make sure that the S3 Bucket configuration for the Automation is set.
  2. Navigate to the "Advanced Search" tab.
  3. Enter the search parameters. In this example, we will search for EC2 Instances.
  4. Tick on the checkboxes on the left to select the EC2 Instances where you want to apply the automation. The "Run Action" button should now be enabled.
  5. Click the "Run Action" button. A popup should appear. You can select the automation from the list that is displayed after clicking on the Automation textbox.
  6. Let us select "Add Tag". This should display the textbox to enter the parameters. Enter the Key and value of the TAG and click Next.
  7. The details of the Automation to run are in the confirmation dialog box.
  8. After clicking "Yes", the status of the automation that is run is shown in the upper right corner of the window.
  9. You can view the result of the automation in the "Automations" tab.

Running an Action over a Rule search result.

Steps to run an action over a rule search results are

  1. Select a rule from the Dashboard. We will select the rule EBS Snapshots That Are Not Encrypted.
  2. In the search result, select the entities where you want to apply the action.
  3. Click the "Run Action" button and it should display the dialog box below.
  4. From here, you can follow Step 6 in the previous section.