How to Automate a Maximum Instance Run Time

Use Hyperglance to enforce a maximum run time for resources, automating your cloud management


In your development environments, it’s increasingly vital that you get a handle on costs.

Development teams have a tendency to create resources and forget to shut them down again.

One way to manage this potential cost is to enforce a maximum run time for those resources.

Hyperglance has an attribute called ‘Hours Run’ you can use to filter out the instances you want to act on. Other resource types have attributes you can use to do the same.

Step-by-Step Instructions


  1. Navigate to the Advanced Search tab
  2. Select the accounts you want to work with
  3. Search for instance
  4. Add a filter for all instances that have run over 12 hours
  5. Add the action
  6. Add the rule Name and labels
  7. Select when you want the action to run
  8. Save the rule
  9. The Automation tab will give you details of the rules that have run
  10. The rule will have a link to the automation if it has been run that day

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