How to Automatically Enforce Your Tagging Policy

Use Hyperglance to automate your resource tagging policy, saving you time and money


Hyperglance allows you to enforce your tagging policy by stopping or terminating any Instance that doesn’t adhere to the policy details.

In this example, we’ll find all the instances within our production accounts that don’t have certain tags. 

Step-by-Step Instructions


  1. Navigate to the Advanced Search tab
  2. Select the accounts you want to work with
  3. Search for EC2 instances
  4. Add a filter to find all the instances ‘Without’ certain tags
  5. Add the desired action
  6. Add the rule Name and labels
  7. Select when you want the action to run
  8. Save the rule
  9. The Automation tab will give you details of the rules that have run.
  10. The rule will have a link to the automation if it has been run that day

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