Which AWS metadata service versions does Hyperglance support?

Hyperglance supports both v1 and v2 of the AWS Metadata service.

Nothing needs to be done for v1.

There is an extra configuration needed for Hyperglance to be able to use v2.

Hyperglance requires the HTTP PUT response hop limit to be set to 2. The default is 1. This is due to Hyperglance running in a docker container so it adds an extra hop. 
aws ec2 modify-instance-metadata-options \
--instance-id i-1234567898abcdef0 \
--http-put-response-hop-limit 2 \
--http-endpoint enabled

NOTE: You cannot normally run this command 'on' the Hyperglance instance itself because its IAM policy does not have the required permissions. Run this from your local CLI or temporarily adjust the IAM policy on the Hyperglance instance to grant the necessarily permissions.