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How To Change The Default Docker Subnet IP Range

By default, Docker uses This can conflict with the IP range you use for your cloud subnet. Here's how to update it.

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Step 1

SSH into the Hyperglance Instance/VM.

Step 2

You need to edit /etc/docker/daemon.json:

sudo vi /etc/docker/daemon.json

Add "bip": "" to the JSON, in daemon.json.

The JSON will look like this after you have updated it:

"log-driver": "journald",
"log-opts": {
"tag": "{{.Name}}"
"bip": ""

Step 3

Restart Docker:

sudo systemctl restart docker

Step 4

Check the routing table:

netstat -rn

You should see the following output (note the penultimate row):

Kernel IP routing table
Destination Gateway Genmask Flags MSS Window irtt Iface UG 0 0 0 eth0 UH 0 0 0 eth0 U 0 0 0 br-e9768d205a82 U 0 0 0 docker0 U 0 0 0 eth0

Once you're done, the docker containers will restart, then begin to collect.