Connecting to AWS Commercial & GovCloud from the same Hyperglance deployment

Add both Commercial and GovCloud accounts to your Hyperglance deployment

ARN's can't be used between Commercial & GovCloud

Hyperglance can collect from both Commercial and GovCloud at the same time but it is not possible to use the AWS IAM system between Commercial and GovCloud. in order to collect from the service Hyperglance isn't running in you need to use Access and Secret keys to authenticate. By default Hyperglance is only set to only use ARN authentication so you need to configure Hyperglance so it will expose both. 

A user needs to be set up with a relevant policy applied and the Access/Secret keys used.


Use the steps below to enable Hyperglance to expose both IAM ARN and Access/Secret authentication.

1) If running Hyperglance in an Instance/VM SSH/Connect in or if running in K8s go to the relevant folder where the Hyperglance config files are located.

2) Open for editing: /var/lib/data/hyperglance/config.env

3) Add the following line to config.env and save the file 


4) Re-initialise docker compose (you will not lose any other config but the service will restart)

sudo docker-compose -f /etc/docker-compose.yml up -d

Wait a few minutes for Hyperglance start up, navigate to menu/settings and select Add Account'. You should now see both the ARN and Access/Secret options (see below). Do not enter both, only enter an ARN or an Access & Secret key.


Screenshot 2022-01-03 at 17.46.03

If it is not working as expected then checking the logs may indicate any configuration errors or connectivity issues.