1. Hyperglance Support
  2. Setup & Configuration

Continuous export of Rule results to AWS S3 or Azure Blob storage.

Hyperglance can export all rule alerts to AWS S3 or Azure Blob Storage.

For AWS S3:

There are two approaches you can take:

1) Setup the SNS notification target, which includes exporting to an S3 bucket [more details]

2) Setup the S3 bucket as used by the Automations functionality. If you are already using the Automations functionality then you already have an S3 bucket that is populated with rule results. You do not need to have the automations stack deployed either, simply providing an S3 bucket will be enough for Hyperglance to export results to the bucket. [more details]


For Azure Blob Storage:

You can provide a storage account as part of the Automations functionality and Hyperglance will export rule results as blobs to that storage account. [more details]