Cost Explorer

How to use the Hyperglance cost explorer

Hyperglance provides a quick, easy way to explore your billing data. 


Page Controls

  1. Show costs greater than
    • Only show resources or services that have costs over this amount
  2. Select Between the last 30 days or 7 Days
    • Gives you the option to show the billing for the last 30 or 7 days
  3. Reset any active filters.
    • This won't show if there are no filters active.
  4. Export or Print the diagram
    • Print or create a diagram in the following formats; PNG, JPG, SVG or PDF
  5. Cost Visualization 
    • An interactive visualization that allows you see and explore your billing data, read more below...

Visualization Interactions

Click on any point in the cost visualization to activate the controls menu.

  1.  Filter
    • Remove all other flows but the selected
  2. Reset Filters
    • Go back to default
  3. See Resources
    • List all the resources, their individual costs and relevant attributes in a table. (See below).

'See Resources' Controls

Only List 'in Inventory' Items

By default Hyperglance only shows the items that are currently in the inventory. By unchecking this option it will show everything in the last period (7 or 30 days)


Expanding the item table

Each item may have multiple listings. Select the plus symbol to expand and see the detailed items. 

Screenshot 2022-01-14 at 10.50.14