How to stop Hyperglance polling Kubernetes namespaces

Exclude namespaces such as 'kube-system' so that they do not count towards your licensed resource allowance.

Polled namespaces count towards your resource allowance and by default, Hyperglance will poll all your Kubernetes namespaces.

Follow this guide if you wish to exclude certain Kubernetes namespaces from polling so that they will not use up your Hyperglance resource limit:

1) SSH into your Hyperglance Instance or VM

2) Edit: /var/lib/data/hyperglance/config.env

3) In this file you should add (or uncomment by removing the #) a line like this:


The example above will cause Hyperglance to skip polling of any namespaces beginning with "kube-" (e.g. "kube-system") and any namespaces beginning with "openshift-".

You can add more prefixes of namespaces for Hyperglance to skip as needed.

Separate them with a comma but careful not to add a space before or after the comma.

4) Save the file

5) Restart the services:

sudo docker-compose -f /etc/docker-compose.yml up -d

After a few moments Hyperglance will be live again and from this point onwards it will no longer poll the ignored namespaces.