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How To Configure Alert Notifications: AWS SNS

Find out how to configure AWS SNS notifications for Hyperglance alerts

1. Select Settings from the top right-hand menu


2. In the Alert Notifications tab, select AWS SNS.alert-sns

3. Provide the Topic ARN that Hyperglance will send events to, and the S3 Bucket Name that will hold the full payload of the event.

4. If Hyperglance does not reside in the same AWS account as the SNS Topic & S3 Bucket then you'll need to allow access by providing a cross-account Role ARN, Access Key, or Private Key

Hyperglance Notifications & S3

When Hyperglance sends an event, first it will store the results of a rule in the S3 bucket:

WARNING: These JSON objects will remain in the bucket indefinitely. It is your responsibility to delete them after processing, or use S3 lifecycle deletion.

Next Hyperglance will send a notification over SNS referencing the bucket and the object, like this:

"name": "My Rule",
"threshold": 0,
"evaluatedAt": 1606933410023,
"labels": ["My Rule Label"],
"status": "ABOVE_THRESHOLD",
"data": {
"s3bucket": "the_name_of_your_bucket",
"key": "ffc85700-e6ab-4be7-9443-1e417110f447_Test_1606933410023.json"