How to Enable AWS Cost Collection

How to connect AWS to Hyperglance to analyze & reduce your cloud costs

Hyperglance can help you analyze your cost and usage and reduce your cloud costs. This can be enabled by creating a cost usage report in AWS and adding the account that owns the report in Hyperglance.

Setup Instructions:

Log in to your AWS account and go to Cost and Usage Reports. Click on 'Create report' to get started.



Fill in the 'Report name' field and ensure the 'Include resource IDs' checkbox is ticked.

NOTE: Hyperglance uses the Resource ID field to match your AWS resources cost.



Configure an S3 bucket where the generated cost usage report will be stored.



Enter a Report path prefix, choose the Time granularity, Report versioning, and Compression type for your report.

TIP: 'Daily' for Time granularity and 'Overwrite existing report' for Report versioning cost much less storage and are faster to process.

NOTE: Hyperglance only support 'Zip' and 'Gzip' Compression types.



Finally review your report configuration and click on 'Review and Complete'.



That's it! AWS will generate your report in the next 24 hours. All that's left to do is add the AWS account where you have configured your report to Hyperglance and it will start pulling cost data from your nominated S3 bucket once a report is available. 


IAM Policy Requirements:

Hyperglance needs the following permissions in order to read cost usage report definitions and pull cost data from S3.



*See the full list of required IAM Policies for Hyperglance here.