How to enable Azure cost collection

Discover how to share Azure cost analysis data with Hyperglance so you can analyze your cost & usage

This can be enabled by creating a cloud cost analysis scheduled export in the Azure portal and adding the subscription that owns it in Hyperglance.

Each subscription should be configured to export the billing data to a storage account. Follow the instructions below on how to create an export and Hyperglance will automatically discover this report as long as it lives in a subscription you have added to Hyperglance.

Roles Requirements:

If Hyperglance is granted the Contributor built-in role then no further adjustments are needed.

In addition to the built-in Reader role Hyperglance requires the following actions granted in order to read cost analysis exports and pull cost data from storage accounts:



Azure provides built-in roles that include those actions: "Billing Reader" and "Reader and Data Access".

You can add these from the Azure portal: Find the subscription -> Access Control (IAM) -> Role assignments -> Add

(Note you can only add one at a time so must repeat the process for each built-in role).

Setup Instructions:

Go to the Subscriptions page in your Azure portal and select the subscription you want Hyperglance to collect billing data from


Select 'Cost analysis' then click on 'Settings'


Select 'Exports'


'Add' an export


Configure the export

Name: Any textual name that identifies the export

Export Type: The frequency of your billing data export

Start Date: When the export will kick off

Storage: Where your exported data will be stored

NOTE: The Subscription needs to be one that Hyperglance is collecting

NOTE: Hyperglance uses these exports to determine which Storage Account to probe, if you delete the export Hyperglance will stop collecting billing data (even if the files are still in the Storage Account).


That's it! Azure exports the data periodically based on the export type you selected and will create an initial export on the Start Date you picked. After you added the same subscription in Hyperglance, it will start collecting billing data from the storage account you configured as soon as it's available.

TIP: Hyperglance checks for new billing data every hour.

Once Hyperglance has collected the data you will see the cost on the dashboards, diagram and individual resources/groups in the lists.