How to change the number of resources you are licensed for in the AWS Marketplace

In order to increase or decrease your resource count you must subscribe to and provision a new instance with the licence for the number of resources you need. You can then delete the old Cloud Formation Template to terminate the old instance and delete the accompanying Security Group and policy.

Hyperglance is provisioned with 2 EBS volumes, an OS volume and a Data volume. If you have SAML configuration, rules or many account definitions it may be easier to move the data volume over to the new Hyperglance instance than to re-enter.


To move the data volume follow these instructions:

1) Stop the old Hyperglance instance

2) Detach the data volume

3) Subscribe to, and deploy a new instance with the correct resource licence from the AWS marketplace

4) Stop the new instance

5) Detach the new Instance's data volume

6) Attach the old data volume to  /dev/xvdf

7) Start the new instance

8) Login to Hyperglance via a Browser  (Your password will be transferred from the old deployment). 

To understand more about the makeup of the Hyperglance appliance read more about the Deployment Architecture.