How to use a custom SSL/TLS certificate

This article explains how you can set a custom SSL/TLS certificate to replace the default self-signed certificate that ships with Hyperglance.

The self-signed certificate that ships with Hyperglance may cause browsers to complain that the certificate is not trusted by a Certificate-Authority. To remedy this you can set your own trusted certificate.


1) SSH into Hyperglance

2) Go to this directory:  /var/lib/data/httpd/ssl

3) In this directory we have two files that we need to replace:

  • hyperglance.crt
  • hyperglance.key

4) Replace these files with your custom certificate file and private key file. If you need to generate a certificate you can use a service like letsencrypt.

Make sure that the new files have the same name as the originals.

5) Restart the services:

sudo docker-compose -f /etc/docker-compose.yml down && sudo docker-compose -f /etc/docker-compose.yml up -d