Hyperglance Release Notes

Find out about the latest Hyperglance features, improvements, and bug fixes

Release 6.9.3

20 September 2021

⚠️ Bugs Fixed

  • Additional fix to Azure VM collection failure when a disk is assigned to multiple VMs at once.
  • Fix hung AWS cost ingestion for some file formats.

Release 6.9.2

15 September 2021

⚠️ Bugs Fixed

  • Fix colouring on AWS Regions in the diagram
  • Fix missing ARN field in rule trigger events for AWS Workspaces.
  • No longer show EULA for marketplace deployments

Release 6.9.1

14 September 2021

⚠️ Bugs Fixed

  • Fixes possible login failure if multiple users accept EULA with stale sessions.
  • Fixes Azure VM collection failure when a disk is assigned to multiple VMs at once.

Release 6.9.0

13 September 2021

🆕 Updates

  • Introducing Hyperglance Automations & Remediations for AWS

Hyperglance’s automation/action feature set builds on top of our inventory and rules engine to give you the ability to manage and automate your AWS environment directly from Hyperglance. Using our built in rule set (which includes CIS, NIST, PCI-DSS and AWS Well architected) or by creating your own rules, you can automatically save money and ensure the security of your entire AWS deployment.

With Hyperglance automations you can:
    • Reduce costs through automation
    • Secure your environment with automatic policy enforcement
    • Enforce compliance

Release 6.8.51

18 August 2021

🆕 Updates

  • Introducing support for SNS and SQS
    • See your SNS topics and SQS queues on the diagram
    • See connectivity to subscribers such as Lambda functions

Release 6.8.50

04 August 2021

⚠️ Bugs Fixed

  • Fixes appropriate RBAC scoping on Cost Explorer
  • Fixes collection error when unable to determine to launch time of an EC2 Instance.
  • Fixes pagination limitation issue with Workspaces collection

Release 6.8.49

22 July 2021

⚠️ Bugs Fixed

  • Fixes a potential NullPointerException when melding Kubernetes with AWS/Azure clusters.

Release 6.8.48

21 July 2021

🆕 Updates

  • Kubernetes: We have reduced the set of resource types that we charge for - making it more affordable!
  • More resources now show by default in the diagram.
  • The show/hide panel now remembers your preferences for which resources are displayed.
  • Reduces false-positives in some rules:
    • IAM root user login in the past 30 days
    • IAM root users that are not MFA protected
    • RDS Instances that are not multi-AZ
  • Improved error reporting when experiencing Azure connectivity/network failures.

⚠️ Bugs Fixed

  • Fix possible duplicate UID error during Redshift data collection.
  • Missing priority label on rule: IAM support policy is attached to a support role.
  • Fixed issue where a 2nd click was sometimes needed to search on Advanced-Search page.
  • Fix bug where exceptions list is not cleared after clicking Clear Search.

Release 6.8.47

05 July 2021

🆕 Updates

  • Adds support for AWS DirectConnects
  • Export all rule alerts in one go with our new CSV Export. (Available the 'Dashboard', 'Cost' and 'Security & Compliance' pages)
  • Easily add exceptions to rules and searches for particular resources

⚠️ Bugs Fixed

  • Fixes overlapping button layout on Advanced Search tab for small windows

Release 6.8.46

25 June 2021

⚠️ Bugs Fixed

  • Fixes an issue where cost ingestion could silently fail on large S3 buckets when the first 1000 objects queried did not produce any ingestible files.

Release 6.8.45

25 June 2021

🆕 Updates

  • Shows more detail on VPN Connection links along with better formatting of telemetry and route attributes.

⚠️ Bugs Fixed

  • Fixes an issue where calls to the Hyperglance API can be redirected when SAML is enabled.

Release 6.8.44

21 June 2021

⚠️ Bugs Fixed

  • [0322068] - Maintenance to improve reliability of cost ingestion when S3 object paths do not adhere to AWS standard report format.

Release 6.8.43

21 June 2021

⚠️ Bugs Fixed

  • [83572b7] - Fixes missing AWS ELB to IGW links when loadbalancers without a Scheme are encountered.
  • [c9b0892] - Fixes unhandled error caused by AWS RouteTable implicit subnet Associations.

Release 6.8.42

17 June 2021

⚠️ Bugs Fixed

  • [67bd25d] - Fixes pagination of IAM Users causing Hyperglance to report not more than 100 users.
  • [fb35418] - Fixes a race-condition in Kubernetes collection causing a rare NPE.

Release 6.8.41

16 June 2021

🆕 Updates

  • Performance optimizations to the Dashboard, Cost and Security & Compliance pages.

⚠️ Bugs Fixed

  • [b59c1be] - Fixes: 401(Unauthorized) from Azure gets misclassified as "unknown errors".

    Release 6.8.40

    09 June 2021

    🆕 Updates

    • New and improved CSV export available via Advanced Search or when editing a rule.
    • Cost->Explorer now displays actual name of account/subscription on the chart.

    ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

    • [914af48] - Fixes a NullPointerException in AppService linking
    • [086a1ec] - Displays HTTP 429 failures as connectivity warnings instead of unknown errors

    Release 6.8.39

    01 June 2021

    ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

    • [cef5640] - Fixes a related issue found in 6.8.38 due to duplicate UID error caused when there are multiple Azure Function Apps with the same ID (but different enablement state).

    Release 6.8.38

    27 May 2021

    🆕 Updates

    • Quality of life improvement when saving new rules, now pre-populates the name field.

    ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

    • [1c72720] - Fixes a duplicate UID error caused when there are multiple Azure Function Apps with the same ID (but different enablement state).

    Release 6.8.37

    13 May 2021

    🆕 Updates

    • Allows PostgreSQL host and port configuration via env-vars.

    Release 6.8.36

    14 May 2021

    ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

    • [11635ea] - Fixes a NullPointerException when opening Notification Configuration dialog on AWS

    Release 6.8.35

    13 May 2021

    🆕 Updates

    • Adds display of matched table rows (such as Inbound and Outbound rows) into the advanced search results listing.
    • Moves configuration of SNS and Event Grid into the top-right menu -> Tools -> Notification Configuration

    Release 6.8.34

    11 May 2021

    🆕 Updates

    • Adds "partial support" for all Azure Resource Manager resources.
      • This update brings ALL Azure resources into the Hyperglance inventory to give you a complete overview of your cloud inventory and spend.
      • (Currently no diagram support and minimal metadata only).

    Release 6.8.33

    11 May 2021

    ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

    • [5238402] - Fixes the possibility of collecting Azure billing CSVs multiple times if multiple subscriptions export to the same Storage Account and/or folder, which can inflate apparent cost of resources.

    Release 6.8.32

    07 May 2021

    ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

    • [acc8887] - Fix missing Kubernetes resources listed on Dashboard page.
    • [a3aab58] - Fix advanced-search traversal matching extraneous AWS RouteTables and ACLs.

    Release 6.8.31

    06 May 2021

    🆕 Updates

    • Adds the ability to group together AWS accounts, Azure subscriptions and/or Kubernetes clusters into environment groups. (Example: prod-A and prod-B can be grouped into Production)
    • Adds the ability to filter the Dashboard, Cost and Security-&-Compliance pages by AWS accounts, Azure subscriptions or Kubernetes clusters, or any combination or grouping of those.
    • Allows Advanced Search rules to be created that filter their results by AWS accounts, Azure subscriptions or Kubernetes clusters.

    Release 6.8.30

    29 April 2021

    ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

    • [71652ca] - Fix error when there are RDS snapshots with the same ID (in different regions).
    • [8b93487] - Fix "Server disconnected" message when trying to submit errors or request help in-product.

    Release 6.8.29

    21 April 2021

    🆕 Updates

    • Adds 'ECS Task' to the Show/Hide panel for filtering.

    ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

    • [7c70493] - Optimize loading of large data tables that was causing occasional browser hangs.

    Release 6.8.28

    13 April 2021

    🆕 Updates

    • Optimize AWS EBS collection to reduce API calls and increase collection speed.

    Release 6.8.27

    6 April 2021

    🆕 Updates

    • Expose env-var to manually control which account IDs are considered during billing ingestion.

    Release 6.8.26

    31 March 2021

    ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

    • [0f66736] - Fix NullPointerException in during Node collection from Kubernetes

    Release 6.8.25

    30 March 2021

    ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

    • [9289bdd] - Exporting rules or credentials causing 403 errors

    Release 6.8.24

    26 March 2021

    ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

    • [9e30f6b] - Special case IAM generateCredentialReport so that throttling errors do not "throttle-down" the rest of IAM data ingestion.
    • [9eba0a0] - Fix for continual tab refreshing issue when using multiple tabs with SAML SSO.
    • [9a5281d] - Corrections to some rule labels.

    Release 6.8.23

    23 March 2021

    🆕 Updates

    • Enable use of AWS RAM service to be disabled in config.env file.

    Release 6.8.22

    18 March 2021

    🆕 Updates

    • Advanced Search now supports new search functions to find tags "like" a given key:
      • fuzzyHasTag(key) = true (or false)
        fuzzyMatchTag(key) = value
    • Adds a new Cost rule: "GP3 EBS Volumes with greater than 3000 IOPS provisioned"
    • Product security updates:
      • Anti CSRF/XSRF Token included now in all client<->server API calls
      • Data encryption key now chosen on first boot.

      Release 6.8.21

      15 March 2021

      ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

      • [e8ca985] - Fix for RDS Snapshot without VPC IDs causing "IllegalArgumentException catchmentFSID must not be null"

      Release 6.8.20

      3 March 2021

      ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

      • [2c91207] - Fix for StringIndexOutOfBoundsException during EC2 Instance collection for stopped instances that don't have a date/time in their state transition reason.

      Release 6.8.19

      1 March 2021

      ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

      • [6347eff] - Fixes missing Transit Gateway aggregation icon

      Release 6.8.18

      18 February 2021

      🆕 Updates

      • Expands on our coverage of AWS compliance rules
      • Better errors and diagnostics messages to help you implement Hyperglance.
      • Hyperglance AWS Instance now supports IMDSv2
      • Rule hover tooltips less likely to roll offscreen

      This release requires two new AWS IAM permissions:


      Release 6.8.17

      17 February 2021

      🆕 Updates

      • HGAPI : Adds ability to filter by cloud tag when generating a PNG & VSDX. Example.

      Release 6.8.16

      • Release Date:11 February 2021

      ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

      • [HYP-3745] - Fixes an intermittent issue where collection cycle can get stuck fetching IAM reports.

      Release 6.8.14

      • Release Date:15 January 2021

      ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

      • [HYP-3711] - Prevent subsequent failed API calls to EKS Fargate for unsupported regions

      Release 6.8.13

      Release Date: 13 January 2021

      🆕 Enhancements

      • Expands on our coverage of compliance rules
      • Slack alerts can now take you directly from Slack to the rule that is alerting

      ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

      • [HYP-3704] - Fixes a transitory LoadBalancer collection error
      • [HYP-3690] - Sort rules by type on the Dashboard page
      • [HYP-3708] - Don't allow accidental closing of rules edit dialog

      Release 6.8.12

      Release Date: 07 January 2021

      🆕 Enhancements

      • Support Azure's new cost column format

      Release 6.8.11

      Release Date: 21 December 2020

      🆕 Enhancements

      • New and upgraded AWS ruleset with increased coverage of compliance standards for NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171, CIS, ISO27001, PCI DSS and HIPAA
      • Introducing coverage of two additional standards:  FedRAMP and AWS Well-Architected (Security and Reliability pillars).
      • Rule descriptions now support markdown!
      • Rule descriptions are now shown in hover tooltips and on individual rule results pages.




      ⚠️ Advisory Notice:  Due to our rollout of new and exciting features like billing ingestion and Security & Compliance rules we are revising our recommended Instance/VM sizes and heap memory allocations so that customers continue to get the best performance.

      For information on how to adjust the heap allocation see this article.

      See new recommendations below with changes highlighted in bold:

      Hyperglance Variant Recommended RAM Recommended Heap Size Example Instance/VM Size
      100 Resources 4GB 2GB AWS: t3.medium
      Azure: Standard_B2s
      (or equivalent)
      250 Resources 4GB 2GB AWS: t3.medium
      Azure: Standard_B2s
      (or equivalent)
      500 Resources 4GB 2GB AWS: t3.medium
      Azure: Standard_B2s
      (or equivalent)
      1000 Resources 8GB 5GB AWS: t3.large
      Azure: Standard_B2ms
      (or equivalent)
      2000 Resources 8GB 5GB AWS: t3.large
      Azure: Standard_B2ms
      (or equivalent)
      5000 Resources 8GB 5GB AWS: t3.large
      Azure: Standard_B2ms
      (or equivalent)
      10000 Resources 16GB 12GB AWS: t3.xlarge
      Azure: Standard_B4ms
      (or equivalent)
      20000 Resources 32GB 20GB AWS: t3.2xlarge
      Azure: Standard_B8ms
      (or equivalent)


      Release 6.8.10

      Release Date:  11 December 2020

      ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

      [HYP-3681] - Fix display of multiple CIDR on AWS VPCs
      [HYP-3678] - Fix incorrect currency might be displayed on Cost Explorer for Azure

      Release 6.8.9

      Release Date:  09 December 2020

      🆕 Enhancements

      • Reduction in memory usage for billing ingestion and use of the Sankey.

      ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

      [98bbf86] - Handle doubly-quoted-quotes in billing CSVs
      [HYP-3670] - Sankey Bugfix: Info message stays even when updating filter
      [HYP-3665] - Sankey Bugfix: Link disconnected when filtering via min cost
      [35976b2] - Sankey Bugfix: Different Links are highlighted when clicking hidden node/link
      [1207fc5] - Use BEAN-managed transactions to prevent timeouts on long running searches
      [42fd15f] - Suppress InvalidToken errors from cost collection

      Release 6.8.8

      Release Date:  03 December 2020

      ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

      [eac5c0c] - AWS heapsize check can occasionally misreport too small a heapsize.

      Release 6.8.7

      Release Date:  03 December 2020

      🆕 New Additions

      • Added support for Azure CSP billing format CSVs.

      Release 6.8.6

      Release Date:  02 December 2020

      🆕 New Additions

      • Ability to place rule JSON payloads into an S3 bucket to keep within SNS payload limits (read more).

      Release 6.8.5

      Release Date:  30 November 2020

      ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

      [8ba2f52] - Azure billing ingest - Fix inability to pull storage accounts if they are held in a different subscription from the report export.

      Release 6.8.4

      Release Date:  30 November 2020

      🆕 New Additions

      • Explore your cost with an interactive Sankey chart.

      Release 6.8.3

      Release Date:  27 November 2020

      ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

      [65a9db4] - Azure billing ingest - Fix blob type error and possible NullPointer Exception for cross-subscription reports.

      [b7b2cc2] - Azure billing ingest - Improve error message about missing storage accounts.

      Release 6.8.2

      Release Date:  27 November 2020

      ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

      [48c0d90] - Suppress 403 and 404 errors from S3 during billing ingestion as these are often expected.

      [a3adde0] - Add more logging to Azure billing ingestion.

      Release 6.8.1

      Release Date:  20 November 2020

      ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

      [HYP-3649] - Empty Azure billing reports cause error

      Release 6.8

      Release Date:  19 November 2020

      🆕 New Additions

      • Support for Azure billing ingestion.
      • New & Updated HGAPI with new samples: https://github.com/hyperglance/api-samples and Swagger UI interactive documentation located on /hgapi/docs path
      • Formatting large cost values with commas

      Release 6.7.13

      Release Date:  17 November 2020

      ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

      [c38897b] - Better handling of billing CSV errors
      [736059e] - Fix selection of Regions column from billing CSV
      [34d4324] - Remove unnecessary GC (Garbage Collection) triggering

      Release 6.7.12

      Release Date:  9 November 2020

      🆕 New Additions

      • Additional logging diagnostics for rejected rows during billing ingest.

      Release 6.7.11

      Release Date:  6 November 2020

      🆕 New Additions

      • Billing ingestion now ignores accounts not monitored by Hyperglance

      Release 6.7.10

      Release Date:  6 November 2020

      🆕 New Additions

      • Memory and speed optimizations for billing ingestion
      • Diagram now auto-expands top-level groups
      • Table Pagination on large inventory lists
      • Resource names show their complete name on mouse-over
      • Rules now all have proper hyperlinks
      • Rules now have hover tooltips on Cost and S&C pages
      • Bug Bounty Error dialog UI/UX improvements
      • Auto-expand nested results in Advanced Search page
      • Style adjustments to Advanced Search nested results

      ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

      [HYP-3377] - Horizontal scroll in tables should be at the bottom of the page
      [HYP-3540] - Search Bar and other elements get cut off on low screen resolution
      [HYP-3566] - [S&C] Tweak check-back-soon message
      [HYP-3561] - Security & Compliance score donut now counts rules without priority

      Release 6.7.9

      Release Date:  5 November 2020

      ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

      [HYP-3610] - NPE during Azure VirtualNetworkGateway collection due to missing SKU

      Release 6.7.8

      Release Date:  28 October 2020

      ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

      [c85e075] - NPE during EKS Node Group collection

      Release 6.7.7

      Release Date:  27 October 2020

      🆕 New Additions

      • Memory optimisations during billing ingestion

      Release 6.7.6

      Release Date:  23 October 2020

      🆕 New Additions

      • Cloud topic JSON changes (SNS & EventGrid):
        • Added 'tags' to all resources
        • Added 'labels' to convey the rule labels
        • Fixed: Removed undocumented top-level tags attribute.

      Release 6.7.5

      Release Date:  23 October 2020

      ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

      [ff464a4] - Updates to amend search queries in rules:

      • Application Load Balancers listening on insecure Protocol
      • EBS Volumes Attached To Stopped EC2 Instances
      • Unused AWS Security Groups

      Release 6.7.4

      Release Date:  20 October 2020

      ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

      [HYP-3576] - Subnets being misclassified as 'Private' instead of 'Public'
      [HYP-3578] - Application GW not connected to its backend pool VMs

      Release 6.7.3

      Release Date:  16 October 2020

      ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

      [49d924b] - Fix cost service NPEs
      [e39bf3a] - Quieten unnecessary IAM stacktrace logging

      Release 6.7.2

      Release Date:  16 October 2020

      ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

      [e21926a] - Fix missing check to Azure rules

      Release 6.7.1

      Release Date:  15 October 2020

      ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

      [c790338] - Long rule names can be cut off on Cost and S&C page
      [HYP-3536] - Billing-Only accounts using assume-role reports as invalid even with s3 getObject permission.

      Release 6.7.0

      Release Date:  14 October 2020

      🆕 Features Added

      ⚡ Highlights 

      • New Security & Compliance page
      • New Security & Compliance ruleset for various standards (NIST, ISO27001, PCI DSS, CIS, HIPAA, GDPR).
      • Advanced-Search can now traverse your inventory model.

      ☁️ AWS

      • Support for IAM user collection
      • Added Active Tracing attribute to AWS Lambda

        🚀 Other New Additions

        • Better tooltips on rules, now shows the search logic
        • Rule Dashboards | Increase beyond 3 columns for wide monitors
        • Read-Only mode on Rules
        • Rule "tags" are now re-branded as "labels" to reduce confusion with resource tags.

        ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

        [HYP-3292] - centring on the topology/diagram doesn't fully center on it
        [HYP-3300] - Diagram | Groups are not top-aligned
        [HYP-3376] - PNG API call for whole account returns a blank png
        [HYP-3381] - EBS Snapshot cost are not added into any of the Group costs
        [HYP-3384] - Cost - Mismatch value from inventory column vs Cost Overview if value is <$.01
        [HYP-3395] - Add/Edit Rule Tags Field accepts empty value
        [HYP-3399] - Rules Tagging - Ellipsis displayed beside search box and displays 'Show X more'
        [HYP-3403] - ELB Listeners not associating with ELBs
        [HYP-3407] - Rule Tagging | Clicking a rule and then closing it loses tag filtering state
        [HYP-3412] - Refresh loses scroll and rule filtering
        [HYP-3415] - Search Rules/Tags - Correct rule not displayed if previous search value is not found
        [HYP-3417] - Advanced Search | Selecting 1 type prevents the AND showing for table searching
        [HYP-3426] - Export vsdx - Error 500 when exporting whole aws account
        [HYP-3519] - S3 Accelerate attribute is missing
        [HYP-3522] - Group Dashboard not updating between groups
        [HYP-3523] - Save Rule Tag Dropdown | Not working reliably
        [HYP-3542] - Bulk Edit | Missing SNS, EventGrid, Slack alerts
        [HYP-3545] - Creds table could use a white-space: nowrap in header
        [HYP-3552] - Save Rule Label Dropdown | Autocomplete not displayed when navigating via tab

        Release 6.6.3

        Release Date:  08 October 2020

        ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

        [HYP-3535] - Enabling AWS_ENABLE_ACCESS_KEYS after adding credentials fails assertion check.

        Release 6.6.2

        Release Date:  08 October 2020

        🆕 Features Added

        ☁️ Azure

        • Azure Storage Accounts now show in inventory & diagram.

        ☁️ AWS

        • An "Is Billing Only" option when adding AWS Accounts (allows for collecting only billing data without inventory).
        • Option to load billing data from a user-specified S3 Bucket.
        • Support for DBR-format billing reports.

            🚀 Other New Additions

            • VSDX Export does a better job of grouping elements together.
            • Performance optimizations for various API calls

            ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

            [HYP-3468] - Cost sometimes missing in VSDX export
            [HYP-3488] - Show Cost toggle only if billing data has been collected
            [HYP-3533] - SNS Publishing can fail without access to STS us-east-1 endpoint.

            Release 6.6.1

            Release Date:  11 September 2020

            ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

            [HYP-3493] - Turning on/off cost in diagram causes links to become offset.
            [HYP-3494] - Links obscure the cost label in diagram. 

            Release 6.6.0

            Release Date:  9 September 2020

            🆕 Features Added

            ⚡ Highlights 

            • Cost of resources is now shown on the diagram.
            • New and improved rule-set
              • Our new rules are now tagged - easily find rules for cost, best-practices,  different compliance standards, affected types of resources and priority.
              • Cost rules now also include Azure  (Support for billing data is for AWS only, Azure support coming soon)
            • New Advanced Search capabilities:
              • Support for <, >, <=, >=
              • Search time relative to dates using daysSince, daysUntil, hoursSince and hoursUntil.

              🚀 General

              • Reduced how often notifications about incomplete diagrams will appear, unless the cause is due to a severe issue.
              • Viewing results for a rule no longer re-runs the rule but shows the results found when the rule actually last ran.
              • 'Last Run' time is now shown for each rule, including on Cost page.

              • Your old rules are kept safe in a new 'archived' section so they will not conflict with our new ruleset.

              ☁️ AWS

              • Better choice of columns for tables of AWS Workspaces.

              ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

              [HYP-3300] - Groups in the diagram are not top-aligned.
              [HYP-3367] - Toggling on/off accounts does not refresh collected cost data.
              [HYP-3387] - Some resources are missing their cost values or have incorrect cost values.
              [HYP-3432] - Rules with multiple types show a single type icon on Dashboard.
              [HYP-3457] - Diagram elements are cut off at the top.
              [HYP-3467] - Non-admin user redirected to Dashboard when trying to access Cost page.
              [0d1b3cb] - AWS Security Groups missing URL to AWS Console.

              Release 6.5.10

              Release Date:  21 August 2020

              ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

              [HYP-3421] - Fix NPE in Azure AppServices.

              Release 6.5.9

              Release Date:  20 August 2020

              ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

              [HYP-3379] - Fix missing aggregation icons on Azure (local network, application, vpn) gateways.

              Release 6.5.8

              Release Date:  20 August 2020

              🆕 New Additions

              • Opening rules is now significantly faster in many cases thanks to better caching.
              • Costs shown on resources now update to reflect the current filter whenever you apply tag views or use the Show in Diagram button..

              ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

              [ce6251f] - Licensed trial durations are not always tracking correctly.

              Release 6.5.7

              Release Date:  17 August 2020

              ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

              [HYP-3374] - An improved fix to Route53 duplicate records, now distinguishes weighted (etc) records correctly.
              [HYP-3388] - Some items are counted twice for total cost above search results.
              [HYP-3400] - Route53 not showing in GovCloud
              [HYP-3401] - Route53 private HostedZones not linking private IPs correctly


              Release 6.5.6

              Release Date:  14 August 2020

              ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

              [HYP-3386] - Quick search results not displayed on Firefox/IE


              Release 6.5.5

              Release Date:  12 August 2020

              🆕 Features Added

              • Cost now shows above the table listings for advanced-search, rule results and group inventories.

              Release 6.5.4

              Release Date:  11 August 2020

              🆕 Features Added

              • Cost now shows on the group inventory panels for improved drill-down workflows.

              ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

              [HYP-3293] - Fix cropped image and centering in Export PNG Diagram


              Release 6.5.3

              Release Date:  10 August 2020

              ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

              [HYP-3362] - LoadBalancer links to private IPs link to the wrong thing
              [HYP-3361] - Some S3 buckets claim to be public when they are private.

              Release 6.5.2

              Release Date:  6 August 2020

              ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

              [HYP-3374] - Route53 duplicate records complaints should not show in UI.

              Release 6.5.1

              Release Date:  6 August 2020

              ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

              [HYP-3369] - ECS paginated calls not progressing and exhausting memory.
              [HYP-3373] - Possible failure to schedule new cost rule evaluation.

              Release 6.5

              Release Date:  5 August 2020

              🆕 Features Added

              ⚡ Highlights 

              • Explore your AWS Billing data in Hyperglance:
                • See the cost of every resource in Hyperglance.
                • Automatically discover ways that you can optimise your cloud expenditure.
              • New API to add/remove account credentials and to generate diagrams in PNG or VSDX format with new sample scripts.

              ☁️ AWS

              • AWS Workspaces

                🚀 General

                • New zoom and centering widgets on the diagram

                • UI performance optimizations

                • Improvements to UI responsiveness for small screens

                ⚠️ Bugs Fixed

                [HYP-3116] - Shows entity count even when filter returns no results
                [HYP-3117] - Total # of entities are fixed to the overall num of entities and not the filtered results.
                [HYP-3269] - Kubernetes toggle is temporarily visible when no Kubernetes is present
                [HYP-3275] - Rule not active after coming back from diagram
                [HYP-3324] - NPE collecting AWS LoadBalancers
                [HYP-3344] - Disable filters dialog shows at incorrect times
                [HYP-3346] - EKS missing toggle to disable collection

                Release 6.4

                Release Date:  8 June 2020

                🆕 Features Added

                ⚡ Highlights 

                • Added Kubernetes support (including EKS, AKS, GKE, Openshift and other distributions)
                • New Advanced Search page for sophisticated cross-cloud searches and rule creation.

                ☁️ AWS

                • Added support for Route 53 Hosted zones
                • Added on/off toggle for Route53 to the visibility list
                • Query only AWS endpoints that have been selected in the region selector
                • Associate Public IP addresses with Virtual Network Gateways
                • S3 | Suppress all attribute fetch errors

                ☁️ Azure

                • Support Azure virtual machine scale sets

                • Add Azure private link support

                • Add icon for interfaces with public IPs

                🚀 General

                • UI/UX improvements to the former "Admin Panel", now known as the "Settings" page.

                • Show In Diagram | Remove red, align with appview (yellow)

                ☠️ Removals

                • [HYP-3104] - Guacamole removed (was previously deprecated in version 6.3)

                ⚠️ Bugs fixed

                [HYP-3042] - Empty groups can be expanded
                [HYP-3050] - Links to unowned endpoints are excluded in one-hop/n-hop filters
                [HYP-3071] - Runtime error thrown when APIM service is still being activated
                [HYP-3078] - Actions on S3 buckets are broken
                [HYP-3079] - Add a toggle to include/exclude dependencies
                [HYP-3080] - AWS API GW Visio connections not sticky
                [HYP-3081] - API Gateway throttling exceptions
                [HYP-3082] - ECS Services can have duplicate ARNs so Hyperglance fails to collect them
                [HYP-3122] - AWS ECS | Error collecting services (SDK bug?)
                [HYP-3126] - Error in ECS collection: InvalidParameterException: service names can have at most 10 items.
                [HYP-3132] - Icon badges | Badges are dominating the whole icon
                [HYP-3138] - Components | Wrong wording when not associated to anything
                [HYP-3139] - $state not defined error when updating license
                [HYP-3164] - Dashboard | Rules panel is not full height
                [HYP-3165] - Notifications | Slow to appear
                [HYP-3175] - Unable to collect Network Interface Links: java.lang.NullPointerException
                [HYP-3188] - Rule Refresh | Refresh button should keep on spinning until the refresh is complete
                [HYP-3201] - Rule SNS integration sometimes fail with a NullPointerException
                [HYP-3223] - Rule Saving | Pack name dropdown is missing custom pack name
                [HYP-3224] - UI Hangs when saving rule
                [HYP-3225] - Saving Rule | Takes a long time to save
                [HYP-3229] - java.lang.NullPointerException at awscollector RedshiftClusterCollector
                [HYP-3238] - Dashboard -> Group Inventory | Seems to take a long time
                [HYP-3239] - Pack Dropdown | Fails to load
                [HYP-3246] - Pack Dropdown | Type to filter not working correctly
                [HYP-3255] - AWS Collector | Classic LB missing link to portal
                [HYP-3267] - Scrollbar not at bottom


                Release 6.3.6

                Release Date:  25 March 2020

                Features Added


                • Added AWS API Gateway support


                • Improved Visio export to use groups and connectors


                Apache Guacamole functionality


                Release 6.3.3

                Release Date:  20 February 2020

                Features Added


                • Added AWS Elastic IPs into the inventory
                • Add AWS S3 'Block public access settings' as attributes


                • Added Azure Public IPs into the inventory

                • Added Azure Service endpoints


                • GovCloud Support
                • Hyperglance now runs as Docker containers on the VM/Instance allowing easy upgrades, Backup and migrations.

                • Support 'go to' on Interfaces

                • Tag view now included in UI


                • Apache Guacamole functionality

                Bugs fixed

                [HYP-2123] - when selecting a metric via the sparkline chart the user can't see more than one metrics rollups

                [HYP-2647] - the azure metric charts just contains "Average" rollup while the search contains multiple hard-coded values such as "Max", "Min" etc

                [HYP-2648] - when clicking on a metric name that is the default shown sparkline it will stuck the UI (e.g. "CPU Util" on VM)

                [HYP-2972] - Unable to edit chosen entities filter after applying tag view filters

                [HYP-2977] - Null Pointer Exception is thrown when removing a tag after the account is removed and the cycle has completed

                [HYP-3027] - Links disappear when endpoint *owner* isn't visible (even if endpoint is visible)

                [HYP-3046] - Hosted but unowned interfaces are not part of the 'show in diagram' diagram

                [HYP-3052] - Half of navigation bar is not cover by modal overlay

                [HYP-3053] - Icon in Search Results of ECS Instance have misaligned entity text

                [HYP-3055] - When closing the last applied app-tag with 'x' button it would de-select the previously selected entity

                Release 6.3.0

                Release Date:  16 January 2020

                Features Added



                • Added EBS volumes into the inventory
                • EBS volumes now show in the diagram


                • Added Azure Disks into the inventory

                • Disks now show in the diagram


                • Network interfaces are now shown in the diagram

                • Added the ability to add/remove/edit apptag keys in the UI

                • Various UI improvements 


                • Apache Guacamole functionality

                Bugs fixed

                [HYP-775] - 'The selected entity is not part of the current view' shown for nodes but not for endpoints, links etc

                [HYP-2694] - Azure metric searches take an unexpectedly long time even with not many nodes

                [HYP-2723] - Traffic Manager profile endpoint issues

                [HYP-2724] - Azure load balancer backend pool shouldn't be an interface

                [HYP-2828] - Not picking up 'Name' Attribute for VPCE Security group

                [HYP-2836] - ECS containers, Services, tasks missing AWS console links

                [HYP-2841] - APIM fails to collect while the service is activating

                [HYP-2847] - Error dialog not showing any errors

                [HYP-2853] - AWS Redshift cluster subnet group missing associations in hyperglance

                [HYP-2859] - Redshift NullPointerException

                [HYP-2863] - Links to unowned Endpoints cause NPEs

                [HYP-2864] - Non associated components not showing in group summary

                [HYP-2876] - Collection cycle killed by duplicate UIDs across services

                [HYP-2879] - Public IP is set to 'Name' when no name exists

                [HYP-2882] - Persistant HTTP 504 Gateway Timeout error for Azurte Classic Alerts

                [HYP-2890] - S3 buckets alarms are missing

                [HYP-2899] - Duplicate UIDs caused by RDS and Aurora

                [HYP-2929] - Guacamole RDP not working

                [HYP-2938] - Exception: An entity with this UID has already been constructed.

                [HYP-2945] - HG keeps TGW even though the State is 'deleted'

                [HYP-2953] - Azure console link missing from Traffic Manager Profile

                [HYP-2960] - Search autocomplete should auto-quote asterix

                [HYP-2970] - Handle catchment-vertices for endpoints in HGAPI

                [HYP-2975] - Runtime Exceptions on Azure Load Balancer Metrics

                [HYP-3002] - Missing Redshift Cluster icon

                [HYP-3004] - Aurora DB Cluster icon on an auto-aggregated group is missing

                Release 6.2.1

                Release Date:  31 October 2019

                Features Added



                • Added support for AWS ECS
                • Added support for AWS Fargate support
                • Added AWS security groups as inventory items in the summary pane
                • You can now show/highlight AWS Security Groups on diagram
                • Now Supports AWS Redshift


                • Added Azure Network security groups as items in the summary pane inventory

                • You can now show/Highlight Azure Network Security Groups on the diagram


                • Added the ability to show/highlight search results in the diagram

                • Added a Hyperlink to each resource console (AWS or Azure)

                • You can now show components that aren't 'associated' to anything

                Bugs fixed

                [HYP-2332] - Elastic Network Interface doesn't have EC2 instance ID attribute

                [HYP-2643] - Various issues with VPCE collection

                [HYP-2694] - Azure metric searches take an unexpectedly long time even with not many nodes

                [HYP-2701] - AWS route table has an empty section where the Transit GW should be

                [HYP-2704] - AWS ENI name taking 'Name' tag as its name

                [HYP-2705] - Route tables are components of VPCEs when they shouldn't be

                [HYP-2725] - Azure Network interfaces are populated differently depending on when resource they are connected to

                [HYP-2754] - Group icons aren't horizontally aligned if one is expandable and the other isn't

                [HYP-2761] - Trying to collect access-control-lists for S3 buckets that don't exist

                [HYP-2771] - HGAPI has broken backwards compatibility

                [HYP-2783] - resource not highlighted when you 'Go to' and disable all filters' needs to be selected

                [HYP-2792] - AWS VPCE not connected to subnets

                [HYP-2683] - Fix Cosmos DB networking

                [HYP-2685] - Connect APIM to subnets

                [HYP-2728] - Don't show 'Go To' button on inventory pane when nothing is selected

                [HYP-2753] - Error collecting API Management Services for Resource Group NetworkWatcherRG: javax.ws.rs.NotFoundException: HTTP 404 Not Found

                Release 6.1.7

                Release Date:  3 October 2019

                Features Added



                • Add Network ACL & Route Table to VPC
                • The ability to turn off collection of services in the UI
                • Add Middle East (Bahrain) region


                • Azure Event Grid support


                • You can now send a rule alert to Slack

                • Any resource that is placed on a group border is now aggregated if there are more than 4 of the same type 
                • Added a check for DNS resolution

                Bugs fixed

                [HYP-2536] - [Discussion needed] If rule notification fails there is no retry

                [HYP-2541] - Weird statistics shown in administration panel 'Status' pop up before 1st collection cycle completed.

                [HYP-2621] - CloudResourceSubType isn't getting persisted (and loaded) to the DB so server would declare that it's null

                [HYP-2632] - Not collecting all of the AWS topology

                [HYP-2638] - Resource is not selected after 'goto' button is used and "Resource not in diagram" - Disable filters is used

                [HYP-2644] - unable to retrieve vertex inventory & very slow metric searches

                [HYP-2658] - There are multiple services that are getting 401s on Azure due to an invalid format of the Authorization header

                [HYP-2675] - Multiple REST calls are failing (e.g. a lot of 401s in Azure)

                [HYP-2676] - "Errors detected" tooltip looks broken on IE (the content section)

                [HYP-2697] - rule is incorrectly firing

                [HYP-2699] - Azure cosmosdb container collection failing

                [HYP-2700] - Unable to collect Alerts - java.lang.NullPointerException

                [HYP-2736] - NPE in azure logic apps tags (SDK could return null)

                [HYP-2737] - NPE that could happen if at least one Azure LB has an inbound NAT rule which isn't associated with a target

                [HYP-2738] - Downgrade mid-constructed entities error from exception to logged warning

                [HYP-2739] - Fix NPE in Azure alarm collection

                [HYP-2740] - try to find a non-null key to use for CosmosDB API

                [HYP-2741] - Increase timeout to 60seconds

                [HYP-2742] - Add detailed exceptions around metrics calls

                [HYP-2743] - Lambda collector doesn't create Lambdas located within VPC

                [HYP-2744] - Missing ec2 instances

                [HYP-2745] - Missing caused-by exception logging for APIM errors


                Release 6.1.5

                Release Date:  

                Features Added



                • Extract Print, Export to Visio and Export to CSV into a top-level menu item
                • Service-Level error reporting


                • Add action for API Management Services
                • Add actions to Azure Function Apps

                Bugs fixed

                [HYP-1839] - part of group's label that is adjacent to another node/label turns to be "unclickable"

                [HYP-2215] - hovering over the tools/settings options (ADMIN page) would show "tools" for every item's tooltip

                [HYP-2343] - Import/export dialog box header text is not left aligned like the others

                [HYP-2344] - Cursor looks 'disabled' when hovering the header of New Account Record box + cursor is disabled outside the popup area

                [HYP-2484] - Metrics are not sorted in metrics tab

                [HYP-2489] - Blank tests in rules table should show dash "---" instead of "/" for empty runs

                [HYP-2509] - Search autocomplete doesn't scroll with arrow keys (but used to)

                [HYP-2521] - Closing the Add Record dialog box refreshes all Accounts

                [HYP-2596] - Menu items tooltips all says "Menu"

                [HYP-2628] - HG stopped collection


                Release 6.1.1

                Release Date:  25 June 2019

                Features Added



                • Added textual names to icons for clarity
                • Added 'Aggregated link' icon in controls section
                • Set 'Show all links' to default



                • Added support for Azure API Management
                • Added support for Azure Logic App
                • Added support for Azure functions
                • Added support for Azure SQL Data Warehouse 
                • Add link, 'Inbound NAT rules' on Azure load balancers
                • We now show IP address of Load Balancer on diagram

                Bugs fixed

                [HYP-2569] - Auto created groups don't get removed when deselected on Resource Visibility pane

                Release 6.0

                Release Date:  7 June 2019

                Features Added

                Rules Engine

                • Create, amend & delete rules based on collected metadata, performance metrics and alarms
                • Create emails and/or notifications based off thresholds
                • Notification via AWS SNS
                • Notification via Azure Event Grid
                • Alert based on Threshold breach
                • Rule trigger periodicity minute, day, week  



                • Added support for DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX)
                • Added support for Amazon Aurora Serverless
                • Added support for the Hong Kong region
                • Added support for RDS Clusters
                • Added IP addressing to diagram
                • Added VPC & Subnet CIDR range to diagram
                • Added icon variants for EC2 instances in the diagram
                • Added action: RDS start-db-cluster and stop-db-cluster
                • Assigned icons to different AWS DBs
                • Added RDS instance status sub-icons
                • Added RDS Public accessibility attribute
                • Add extra DynamoDB table tags
                • Add extra RDS log attributes
                • Add extra DynamoDB attributes
                • Add extra VPC attributes
                • Add extra Load Balancer attributes
                • Add extra Lamdba attributes
                • Added support for Tag Actions for RDS Cluster and Aurora
                • Added the ability to detect API throttling



                • Added support for Azure Redis
                • Added support for Cosmos DB
                • Added support for Azure Database for MySQL servers
                • Added support for Azure Database for PostgreSQL servers
                • Added support for new Azure Alerts
                • Added extra attributes to SQL Server & SQL Databases
                • Added attribute columns to Azure types in table view
                • Added IP addressing to diagram
                • Added Subnet CIDR range to diagram



                • Added CSV export prefix tag keys with section name "Tags."
                • Added the ability to 'OR' in a rule with security groups
                • Rebranded 'Saved Searches' to 'Rules'
                • Hyperglance now shows IP addresses on the diagram
                • Added 'Resources' count in 'info'
                • Hyperglance now indicates on the table which row is selected


                • Changed Azure attribute name from 'Account' to 'Subscription'  
                • Changed Azure attribute from 'Region' to 'Location'
                • Changed text in top of summary panel
                • Renamed AWS 'Elastic-Load-Balancer' to 'Classic-Load-Balancer'

                Bugs fixed

                [HYP-1773] - RDS alarms no longer work

                [HYP-2150] - Azure metric auto-complete and metrics tab have discrepancies

                [HYP-2173] - tables keep scrolling position of previously presented tables

                [HYP-2301] - Stopped RDS instances doesn't have the stopped icon

                [HYP-2302] - Target groups component page are missing some details

                [HYP-2323] - Visio export - Names are not trimmed so they overlap

                [HYP-2334] - Table export button can be triggered by clicking empty space

                [HYP-2356] - Table search can't handle quotes

                [HYP-2357] - Table scrolls down too much and hides the data

                [HYP-2368] - AWS Route53 record-policies links aren't defined with (correct direction of) dependencies

                [HYP-2398] - Diagram - Poor performance at scale

                [HYP-2430] - Importing credentials can result in duplicates

                [HYP-2433] - 'Servers/elasticpools' show as a group in Azure

                [HYP-2442] - Vertex inventory search - alphabetically sort the table types and table names + add the "Tables" type first

                [HYP-2452] - Internal LB not centered like external LB

                [HYP-2460] - LoadBalancerListenerCollector missing exception handling

                [HYP-2463] - Searching within tables show an extra (redundant because it's on top of the default empty one) empty table

                [HYP-2480] - Subnet and VM CIDR is not centered in exported visio

                [HYP-2494] - DynamoDB missing Table Size (Bytes) column data

                [HYP-2498] - In case of partial metrics search term provided, the search ignore all terms entered after it

                [HYP-2527] - Search auto-complete not always including closing quote from autocomplete selections

                [HYP-2543] - Small fonts can cause text to wrap when exported to Visio


                • InfluxDB
                • Kapacitor
                • Grafana

                Release 5.6

                Release Date:  2 April 2019

                Features Added

                • Change to new AWS Icon Set and design guidance
                • Add AWS Route 53 support
                • Add Azure Traffic Manger support
                • Add Export inventory function
                • Add Credential 'Export' function
                • Add multiple routes on link from subnet to Gateway
                • Add metrics to NAT gateways
                • Add missing metrics to AWS nodes
                • Add support for 'Hibernate' of EC2 instances
                • Support DynamoDB on demand and transactions
                • Support for two new actions in Application Load Balancer. Redirects and Fixed Response.
                • Support elastic load balancing slow start mode
                • Remove resources that have 'State' of 'Deleted'

                • Add NAT Gateway 'Status' attribute
                • Support AWS Transit gateway connections to Customer Gateways
                • Format JSON attributes (including S3 policy attributes)
                • Changing the behaviour of 1 and n hop from a group
                • Add RDS Start/Stop action

                Bugs fixed

                [HYP-2201] - Can't add tags to VPCs and and Peering connections.

                [HYP-2263] - links tunnel is missing

                [HYP-2264] - Private IPs don't show in Azure Guac drop down

                [HYP-2270] - XML illegal characters in labels will break visio export

                [HYP-2271] - Images in our Visio do not show when imported into draw.io

                [HYP-2288] - NullPointerException caused by legacy instances not within subnets

                [HYP-2296] - AWS Empty Subnets are in wrong Availability Zones

                [HYP-2297] - AWS ELB status in attributes tab is presented as JSON

                [HYP-2303] - DNS names in VPC-Endpoints attributes are hard to read

                [HYP-2311] - Occasionally possible to have expanded empty groups

                [HYP-2312] - Between-Tier section is drawn too tall in some cases

                [HYP-2313] - Fails to import credentials in Edge browser

                [HYP-2314] - Unable to export visio in Edge or Firefox browsers

                [HYP-2315] - Firefox export visio with the dark theme

                [HYP-2318] - Special characters in table data mess up exported CSV

                [HYP-2321] - Uploading a bad file/json will persist the error message to the import popup box

                [HYP-2325] - Export to Visio/ Export to CSV/ Print are failing on every non-diagram page

                [HYP-2328] - After a link has been selected an F5 should "go-to" it

                [HYP-2329] - Escape key doesn't work on Links popup

                [HYP-2330] - Messed up text in change password box

                [HYP-2331] - Change password field doesn't allow some common keyboard symbols

                [HYP-2339] - Closing the "expand/collapse group" tutorial-box could cause the left-panel to slide out

                [HYP-2340] - inventory tables horizontal scrollbar isn't keeping position when switching to another table

                [HYP-2349] - section name contains "Null"

                [HYP-2360] - Lines not drawn accurately in visio when imported to draw.io

                Release 5.5

                Release Date:  8 February 2019

                Features Added

                • Added the ability to Export the diagram to Visio format
                • Added support for AWS Lambda
                • Added support for Azure Web Apps
                • 'Expand All' feature added.
                • Components like Security Groups now show in search results
                • Enable search in Azure to filter by 'Resource Group'
                • Azure diagram layout improvements

                Bugs fixed

                [HYP-2177] - Group to node link issues
                [HYP-2188] - We are not truncating VPC Names
                [HYP-2236] - NPE is thrown when the load-balancer is configured in a certain way
                [HYP-2249] - component popup (from a search) style isn't matching the other path to get to a component popup
                [HYP-2251] - Azure network interface has a ? for an icon when shown in the 'Attached to' tab
                [HYP-2258] - SQL-DB not resolving metrics for search auto-complete


                Release 5.3.3

                Release Date:  8 January 2019

                Features Added

                • Added AWS Transit-Gateway support
                • AWS VPC endpoints are now connected to their to corresponding AWS service
                • Added AWS Privatelink support
                • We now show a simpler diagram by default and then allow you to add in Gateways and peering connections 
                • Resource selector drop down is now sticky to help you see what is currently showing
                • Added support for the new AWS EU (Stockholm) region
                • You can now change the admin password through the UI
                • Group relationships now show as relationships in the summary pane tab
                • Initial AWS Subnet 'Sharing' support

                Bugs fixed

                [HYP-1910] - Expanded groups get wrapped when they shouldn't
                [HYP-2107] - After licence is expired there is no message to inform the user
                [HYP-2111] - When I 'Goto' a node the URL doesn't change to the selected node
                [HYP-2117] - AWS Virtual Private Gateways do not show until a VPN connection is established
                [HYP-2121] - Alarm sub-icons don't automatically get placed on nodes
                [HYP-2138] - F5 scraps the clustering mode
                [HYP-2146] - Clustering gets broken after a F5
                [HYP-2195] - Transit gateway not showing VPCs as neighbors
                [HYP-2204] - While waiting for collection the UI gives incorrect message
                [HYP-2213] - Clicking on the EntityA (or B) of a link's "Specific Data" wouldn't update the entityUID in the URL


                Release 5.3.2

                Release Date:  12 November 2018

                Features Added

                • Ability to show/hide resource types (and their links) in the diagram
                • Ability to set custom AWS & Azure API polling time
                • Print now has a white background for better printing experience
                • Change 'settings' icon to a hamburger
                • Add 'Print' item in hamburger menu
                • Advanced search to be expanded by default
                • More-compact group inventory panel
                • Can now collect and show AWS Gateway VPC Endpoints
                • Improved group to group linking

                Bugs fixed

                HYP-1650] - Long instance names extend past the the action popup box
                [HYP-1694] - "Clear Search" & "Advanced Search" would overlap when the window's width is small to medium size
                [HYP-1778] - an entry in the admin-page looks like all of it is clickable (due to pointer cursor) whereas just Status and Actions are clickable
                [HYP-1911] - After timeout re-login HG doesn't go 'Home'
                [HYP-1921] - clicking expand/collapse on a selected group would deselect it
                [HYP-1926] - Remove Extra space between search inputs
                [HYP-1963] - Edge Bug - Clicking on the home button, selects 'Azure' datasource instead of 'Amazon'
                [HYP-1965] - Edge Bug - Numbers are displayed as phone numbers
                [HYP-1966] - Exported results of search are not in the order as you see in the screen
                [HYP-1974] - Disabled alarms still display on diagram
                [HYP-2077] - Dependency view in AWS doesn't include Customer-Gateway
                [HYP-2105] - Incorrect tutorial tooltip for 'Home' button
                [HYP-1857] - changing fixed width (or height) sizes to be more robust, ideally using min/max sizes
                [HYP-1909] - Links handling improvements needed


                Release 5.3

                Release Date:  11 August 2018

                NOTE: This release features a complete redesign of the diagram UI



                • Topology Re-Structured
                • Cloud multi-tier architecture visualization
                • Render resources within subnet groups as aggregations
                • Add groups to apptag views
                • Show catastrophic server error messages in the client
                • Add owners tab to Components slideout
                • If HG is collecting and it hasn't finished the initial collection cycle it should say so on the screen
                • Icons on expanded groups
                • Tiers & Zones rendering
                • Bring up side panel when group icon is selected (id icon on the top left of groups)
                • Include node to group links in n-hop
                • Order subnet group contents
                • Aggregated group icons
                • Stop credential entry popup disappearing if user clicks elsewhere
                • Add groups to group summary
                • Aggregate empty groups
                • Place gateways into the datasource group
                • add and improve the existing tooltips
                • Add a 'big' hint that users can click on summary donuts
                • Add AND, OR and NOT at the end of the advanced text search text
                • Show list of tables user can search within in Advanced search 
                • Change dependency view Grafana pop out so people know it's not how they select the dependency view
                • Remove AWS & Azure 'External Links' to their various consoles.
                • Tutorial adjustments
                • Add tips on the Admin page.Support auto-display of record input form when redirecting to admin page
                • Change 'node' to 'resource' in text


                • AWS Topology Re-Structured
                • Support VPC peering links
                • Customer Gateways should live on the border of the AWS group and have a composite icon
                • Remove TargetGroups from topology
                • RouteTables as components
                • Duplicate RDS instances across all associated subnets
                • Indicate when a group is empty on the diagram
                • Order subnet groups within VPC
                • Don't show terminated instances
                • Permit AWS access/secret key entry to be turned off
                • Use 'DB Instance ID' instead of 'DB Name' for RDS instances
                • display default value for Alias field in the add record pop up for Amazon collector


                • Azure Topology Re-Structured
                • Azure Public LoadBalancers should be positioned above the VNetwork group
                • vNet to vNet peering
                • Position Azure public LB
                • Show private IP addresses in VM attributes
                • Add 'Status' to Virtual Network Gateway
                • Add support for Azure Local Gateways
                • Add Azure Virtual network gateways
                • Add Azure App-Gateways


                • New 2D Pan/Zoom camera
                • Add 'center' icon
                • Move all icons to top right
                • Make 'Home' button collapse everything, remove any tag views applied, autoselect datasource (alphabetical), remove clustering
                • remove the "groups" widget and clean it up completely
                • Disable the clustering button if there isn't any valid entity selected
                • introduce a new gear icon (to replace the user/admin)
                • On entry to HG go 'Home'

                Bugs fixed

                [HYP-1696] - AWS security-group's inbound & outbound tables doesn't show "description"

                [HYP-1702] - Node to Group Links are ignored when performing a multi hop.

                [HYP-1716] - HG sees MAC retina screen as too small

                [HYP-1727] - AWS collection dies with null pointer when no connection to AWS API

                [HYP-1802] - DynamoDB not working correctly

                [HYP-1805] - Top nav buttons disappear in Safari

                [HYP-1838] - No Notice if client loses connection to server

                [HYP-1859] - Azure NSG comma separated lists & ranges

                [HYP-1860] - ConcurrentModificationException from Azure

                [HYP-1866] - ConcurrentModificationException can occur within the ActionHelper

                [HYP-1925] - I can't enter a dummy record to set regions when AWS policy is applied

                [HYP-1946] - AWS classic load balancers don't have the correct icon and there is no way to tell apart from the application load balancers

                [HYP-1948] - tools tips for 'Home' or 'Tools' in admin page missing

                Release 5.2.1

                Release Date:  24 April 2018

                Bugs fixed

                Add timeout to initial request sent to Azure to prevent indefinite hanging of the Azure collector.

                Release 5.2

                Release Date:  19 April 2018

                Features Added

                • Inventory Table advanced search functionality
                • Ability to export inventory table into CSV file
                • SAML Authentication support
                • Support for AWS S3 Buckets
                • Public S3 bucket highlighting
                • Support mapping multiple AWS Tags to AppTags
                • Ability to Add/Remove tags on VPC groups in AWS
                • Ability to share currently selected entity's url with others between PCs
                • Users now managed in database rather than filestore
                • Put RDS instances within their Availability zone groups.
                • Improved Layered Topology Layout
                • Add "Source/Dest. Check" attribute to AWS Instances.

                Bugs fixed

                [HYP-1629] - VPC tags should show on the VPC groups and not on all route tables.

                [HYP-1641] - Fix Foreign Key constraint error when inserting groups from HGAPI

                [HYP-1664] - In Node Inventory Summary Table, the columns should retain the order as in the summary_attributes.xml

                [HYP-1677] - Long components prevent closing of component slide-out

                [HYP-1684] - Long component names are getting cropped (IE11)

                [HYP-1663] - Azure's SDK throws an unexpected NPE when VirtualMachine.getPrimaryPublicIPAddress() is invoked

                [HYP-1687] - Empty subnet groups are removed when isolating on an AWS Availability zone group

                Integrations Depreciated (contact us if you need these)

                • OpenStack
                • SNMP
                • Docker Swarm
                • VMware vSphere
                • Nagios
                • CheckMK

                Release 5.1.1

                Release Date:  14 March 2018

                Bugs fixed

                [HYP-1610] - Fix failure to fetch tags for greater than 20 load balancers at once

                Release 5.1

                Release Date:  26 January 2018

                Features Added

                • Support for AWS VPC Peering Connections
                • Allow STS AssumeRole for AWS credentials
                • Add support for AWS Paris Region
                • Add attributes to AWS VPC groups
                • Cut and Paste support for console
                • Default SSH key

                Bugs fixed

                [HYP-1485] - Hovering a "Custom Views" button behaves in an inconsistent manner

                [HYP-1505] - Clearing SNMP config does not remove topology

                [HYP-1510] - if the isWMIPortOpen property changes value after the first discovery, the Icinga services are not updated

                [HYP-1512] - Target-Group alarms not showing

                [HYP-1515] - Text formatting for wmi-drive kapacitor check

                [HYP-1563] - Collisions between FSID of groups when an account-alias has that name as an FSID

                [HYP-1570] - Change text "DEBUGGING - ADVANCE USAGE ONLY" to "DEBUGGING - ADVANCED USAGE ONLY" in SNMP Discovery options

                [HYP-1579] - Route Tables do not show destinationPrefixListId value in the Routes Table

                Release 5.0

                Release Date:  20 November 2017

                Features Added

                • AWS topology visualization improved
                • More AWS resources now supported (NAT gateway, Application Load Balancer, Network Load Balancer, Target Groups)
                • Azure topology visualization improved
                • Added Time series database into package
                • Added time series analytics dashboarding
                • Group Dashboards added
                • Service views now have dashboards
                • Predictive analytics dashboards added for each metric
                • Hyperglance internal metric dashboard added
                • Ability for user to create, delete nodes and links in UI
                • Auto Aggregation of nodes when above a threshold
                • Search now available on tables
                • Alarms can now be muted
                • Alarms can now be disabled for a node
                • Alarm state now shows on group summary  
                • Ability to specify management Subnets for nodes added
                • Textual Node count now shows on all groups
                • Improved tiering layout algorithm
                • Endpoint & Links now change color on alarm
                • Tabs now do not show when no data found
                • More information shown on search items (IP address, Alarm state)
                • More information shown on interface list items (IP address, Alarm state)
                • Ability to remove nodes using UI from Network datasource
                • Ability to exclude nodes from SNMP discovery using UI from Network datasource
                • New SNMP discovery techniques, OSPF, BGP, ISIS .......
                • Added In-Built SNMP discovery and mapping module
                • Added UI based discovery of SNMP & WMI devices
                • Automatic metric monitoring of SNMP & WMI discovered nodes; Availability, Latency, CPU, RAM, HD, Interface bandwidth
                • Metric Dashboards added for SNMP & WMI nodes
                • Console sessions have the option to be recorded to disk for audit & compliance (SSH, RDP, Telnet, VNC)
                • Gzip enabled between client and HG server to reduce bandwidth
                • Ability to influence Dependency View by specifying which node types are 'routable'
                • Ability for user to define grouping based on node type, attribute added
                • Notice on UI to show sub-optimal resolution or DPI
                • New licensing system
                • Better logging

                Release 4.3.2

                Release Date:  24 February 2017

                Bugs fixed

                [HYP-1117] - Docker collector is failing to complete a collection

                [HYP-1118] - Azure is failing to complete a collection due to missing Network Security Group issue

                Release 4.3.1

                Release Date:  23 February 2017

                Bugs fixed

                [HYP-1114] - Some Azure VMs not connected to a VirtualNetwork when they should be

                Release 4.3.0

                Release Date:  13 February 2017

                Features Added

                • Add AWS Canada (Central) region
                • Add VMware account groups
                • Ability to enable and disable account credentials
                • Kubernetes label adjustments
                • Add account alias name to summary listing
                • Adding the Hyperglance version as part of the logs
                • Improved label visibility - easier to read, intelligent sizing
                • New Tools drop down menu for easy access to Admin page and tools
                • Navigation from and to the Admin page
                • New Admin page for easier collector credential management
                • Table slider to slide back after 2nd click of summary pane item
                • Add account alias to group summary table
                • New HGAPI credential management
                • Add AWS London Region

                Bugs fixed

                [HYP-959] - Node showing alarm after disabled or deleted alarm in Azure

                [HYP-939] - User can't search for 'Runtime State'

                [HYP-1088] - Nagios actions only work against AWS and Openstack

                [HYP-1087] - CheckMK shows  error when port value is not a number

                [HYP-1079] - Long AppTags don't break well and cause some UI distortion

                [HYP-1075] - Client 'Home' cuts off labels at top of browser

                [HYP-1067] - When hovering next to a doughnut summary (group's dashboard) the cursor looks and ability to click isn't consistent

                [HYP-1065] - Ipad Issues - Double click to expand groups does not work

                [HYP-1061] - When tables are getting small (height-wise) then some of the columns overlap the headers

                [HYP-1055] - Error  whilst collecting Azure topology causes whole topology to go away

                [HYP-1052] - Admin tools requires the user to re-enter  credentials

                [HYP-1051] - remote-connection "hijacks" the current tab

                [HYP-1050] - Concurrent vmware calls can fail

                [HYP-1043] - NoSuchElementException against vsphere 6

                [HYP-1042] - Vmware OutOfMemoryError "unable to create new native thread"

                Release 4.2.3

                Release Date:  6 December 2016

                Bugs fixed

                [HYP-984] - Azure alert timestamps could be in different ISO8601 formats - parsing those timestamps could fail

                [HYP-986] - Azure doesn't show topology when SDK's VirtualMachine::computerName fails

                Release 4.2.2

                Release Date:  1 December 2016

                Bugs fixed

                [HYP-978] - Azure topology fails due to non-firing alert rule

                Release 4.2.1

                Release Date:  29 November 2016

                Features added

                [HYP-818] - Azure integration

                Bugs fixed

                [HYP-958] - Unable to close Dialog box "Error: Unable to obtain action data from the Hyperglance Server"

                [HYP-964] - Nedi failing for link with null linktype

                Release 4.2.0

                Release Date:  10 November 2016


                • Link alarms
                • Hyperglance Interactive Tutorial
                • Clickable Entity-specific URLs in the client UI
                • New SDK example script for Entity-Specific-URLs
                • Nedi <-> Vmware comms linking
                • Improve layout so that links will tend not to intersect
                • More specific client link names
                • Refactor: popup windows
                • Improve grid layouts

                Bugs fixed

                [HYP-770] - No Relayout (cluster-wise) when applying filter-like operations

                [HYP-784] - UI error in console when clicking on stale data in the group inventory

                [HYP-786] - Bubble up endpoint alarm not being reflected in 3D topology

                [HYP-789] - Selected Isolate icons get in the way when trying to select another mode

                [HYP-805] - AWS security group missing 'Source' attributes when local

                [HYP-810] - Guac console text hard to read

                [HYP-812] - Support Docker swarm mode

                [HYP-814] - State:pending should be 'transitioning' tag icon, not 'suspended'

                [HYP-828] - OpenStack router not connecting to networks

                [HYP-831] - Phones not connecting in HG when they are connected in NeDi

                [HYP-844] - VMware 5.5 giving null pointer

                [HYP-852] - Can't auth into Fujitsu OpenStack

                [HYP-863] - unlinked endpoint shows up in the 3D

                [HYP-889] - Security group list not complete

                [HYP-614] - Top level groups show even when no access configured

                [HYP-787] - Problems connecting to vCenter causes HG to hang, needs wildfly restart

                [HYP-793] - Kubernetes node not connecting to OpenStack Instance

                [HYP-803] - Get error from HG AWS AMI with policy applied "Must specify userName when calling with non-User credentials"

                [HYP-806] - RBAC leaves empty top-level groups

                [HYP-807] - Support + as a delimiter of apptags in AWS

                [HYP-820] - VMware NullPointerException from inaccessible datastores

                [HYP-883] - HTTP 417 error from Openstack

                [HYP-887] - All NeDi links show as two links, not one

                [HYP-870] - Change trial message from Error to Notice

                [HYP-791] - Terminated instances' alarms shouldn't bubble up (to the group)

                Release 4.1.5

                Release Date:  29 October 2016

                Bugs fixed

                [HYP-883] - OpenStack getting 417 errors

                Release 4.1.4

                Release Date:  26 October 2016


                • Support for Ohio AWS region

                Bugs fixed

                [HYP-845 ] - Printer icon not showing in NeDi

                Release 4.1.3

                Release Date:  13 October 2016


                • Hyperglance Licensing 2.0

                Bugs fixed

                [HYP-820] - VMware NullPointerException from inaccessible datastores

                [HYP-831] - Phones not connecting in HG when they are connected in NeDi

                [HYP-832] - IP Phones don't have an icon

                [HYP-841] - console.log is not disabled on linux

                Release 4.1.2

                Release Date:  5 October 2016

                Features added

                • User able to change the ‘-‘ for the name of the default group in AWS
                • Openstack Keystone V3 support


                • Topology grid layouts tuned for better visibility

                Bugs fixed

                [HYP-815] - If AWS security creds get unauthenticated on one account it stops all AWS accounts collecting

                [HYP-828] - OpenStack router not connecting to networks