I found a bug or Hyperglance crashed, what should I do now?

Tell us! We want to make the best product we can and that means squashing bugs!

To give us the best possible chance of finding and fixing your problem here are the steps to take:

  1. Begin by raising a new Ticket on this support site, or draft an email to support@hyperglance.com or both!
  2. Include a description of the problem.
  3. Where possible, include any activities or sequence of steps that you were undertaking at the time. If the problem re-occurs when you re-trace your steps then mention that too.
  4. Attach our diagnostic output so that we can analyse your issue. You can download this diagnostic data from your Hyperglance instance...
    1. Open the menu in the top-right, go to Tools and click Download Diagnostic Bundle:
    2. Send the resulting zip to us.