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Ingesting billing data from any S3 Bucket

This is an advanced article for when you cannot grant Hyperglance access to the AWS CUR (Cost and Usage Report) service.

Hyperglance can still ingest cost data from a S3 bucket without access to the AWS CUR service provided that the bucket is organised in the same layout that AWS CUR would use for the "Overwrite Report" mode.

This means a layout like this:



Normally AWS CUR would inform Hyperglance which S3 Bucket(s) contain billing reports, instead you have to configure this manually in Hyperglance:

1) SSH into the Instance

2) Edit file:  /var/lib/data/hyperglance/config.env

3) Set the S3 Bucket to use:


4) Restart services for the config to take effect:

sudo docker-compose -f /etc/docker-compose.yml up -d