Links and link types

In Hyperglance links connect resources and groups. There are different kinds of links and they are represented differently in the diagram depending on what sort of link they are...

Individual links between resources

The simplest kind of link in Hyperglance is a thin solid line between resources:


Clicking on one of these links bring up the usual entity dashboard slideout, displaying any attributes about the link:


A dotted line is created between a network interface and its associated owner (e.g. ec2 instance), this only happens the interface is in a different subnet from its owner resource as in the screenshot below:

 These dotted links are not clickable.

Aggregated Links 

Aggregated links are represented as thick dashed lines.

These represent multiple links (or the possibility of multiple links), for example if there are resources within a group connected to resources outside of that group, then Hyperglance will draw an aggregated link out from the group.


Clicking on an aggregate link will popup an interactive list of all the links that are represented by the aggregate link and all the associated entities involved:

You can click on any of the individual links, resources or groups in the diagram to bring up more information about them.

When the ends of the links are side-by-side horizontally then Hyperglance will draw 'bendy' links above the connected entities, instead of direct straight lines:

 See Links Mode to learn about how to switch between individual to aggregated links.