Resource Details

Whenever you select a resource, Hyperglance shows you its details

The dashboard is composed of multiple tabs and a section that specifies entity name, type etc. 

If the selected resource is a group then the default tab shown is the Summary tab which shows the inventory within that group.


  1. Resource Name & Icon
  2. Resource Type, Cost (over the past 30 days) and the account/subscription it belongs to.
  3. Go To (when applicable) - Will locate and show that resource in the diagram.
  4. Summary tab - Only visible for groups. It provides an inventory of all the entities contained within that group
  5. Attributes tab - Displays properties and config.
  6. Metrics & charting tab - Displays performance data.
  7. Alarms tab - Displays any metric alerts.
  8. Interfaces tab - Displays any interfaces (this is only applicable to some types of resources).
  9. Connected neighbours tab - Displays any connected resources.
  10. Associations associated to the resource, like Security Groups or Route Tables.
  11. Dependency Views - See a dependency diagram for any tags on this resource.
  12. Other metadata and config about this resource.