Tag View

Create diagram views from your AWS and Azure tags.

Hyperglance can create a filtered diagram view based on special AWS and Azure tags that you add to your entities. This view would include the tagged resources and their associated neighbour resources. The tagged resources are then highlighted in the diagram.

Only certain tags are considered for inclusion in Tag Views, by default the tags which are considered must have a key equal to one of the following: Service, Owner, Function, Application, K8s-App, Namespace or Resource Group.

 You can configure configure which tags Hyperglances uses to create the tag view.

There are two ways to select a Tag View: Either from the menu at the top right of the page or in the Attributes tab of any Resource or Group that has these tags:


Selecting one or more of these tags will activate the corresponding diagram view.

The tagged resource itself will be highlighted with a yellow border:

You can tell you are 'in' a view if you see the blue bar along the bottom of the screen which lets you remove tags or exit entirely, to exit the view and return to the overall topology just click the Exit button.