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Keeping up-to-date: Updating the Hyperglance automation deployment

It is important to keep your automations up-to-date so that you receive the latest security & bug fixes, improvements and new automations.


Note: When you first ran terraform apply Terraform created a tfstate file in the local directory (which is deployment/terraform/automations) which tracks the resources it created at the time.

In order to update the existing deployment you need that tfstate file to be in that directory!

To update your deployment you will need to:

  1. Pull the latest updates from git (or download the latest zip but make sure to copy over the same tfstate - see note above).
    $ cd aws-rule-automations
    $ git pull
  2. If not still authenticated with AWS then re-run aws configure
  3. Re-apply the terraform stack:
    $ cd deployment/terraform/automations
    $ terraform apply

Terraform will apply any updates to the cloud resources it already created.

It is a good idea to also update the Hyperglance application at the same time.