In order to get started we need certain information to allow Hyperglance to connect into OpenStack:

1. Account Alias

Enter in a unique identifying keyword for this account.

If you plan to use Role-Based Access Control then your choice of Account Alias will decides the roles that you need to assign to your users in order for them to access this account's topology.

2. Keystone URL Alias

Multiple OpenStack deployments can be entered so this is a way to label each. This could be something like DC1 or Rackspace.

3. Keystone URL

This will be something like '' (replace the IP address with your own).

To obtain your keystone URL open up the OpenStack Horizon page, navigate to to Compute/Access & Security/ API Access and note down the ‘Identity’ Service Endpoint of the OpenStack deployment you wish to Visualize monitor and manage.

4. Username

Enter in a valid username for your OpenStack deployment.

5. Password

Enter in a valid password for your OpenStack deployment.

6. Domain

Where applicable for Keystone v3 enter the Domain of your OpenStack deployment.

7. Enable URL Workaround

If Keystone is misconfigured to send back incorrect IP/hostnames in the URLs for Nova, Neutron (etc) then Hyperglance will not be able to collect topology. To work-around that: This check-box will override the incorrect IP or hostname in the URLs returned from Keystone and replace them the IP address or hostname of Keystone itself as specified by you in 'Keystone URL' textbox above.