1. Open vSphere and select File/Deploy OVF Template

2. Select the Hyperglance VMware OVA file
NOTE: If the need arises where you need to log-in to the VM/OVA file, the default username/password is hyperglance/hyperglance. Refer to this link for more re. VM/OVA credentials.

3. Choose the relevant name, location and network the Hyperglance VM will run on. It is recommended Hyperglance has at least 2x vCPU, 4048 MB RAM and 10 GIG HD space to run.  

4. Select 'Finish to upload and run the Virtual Machine

5. Once the VM is up and running the IP address will show on the console.

 6. Open a browser and navigate to https://IP_address:8443/#/admin to configure Hyperglance. Ignore the warning and proceed.

7. Login to the admin page. The default user credentials are admin/admin.

8. You will be taken to the empty topology page. Select the top right icon and click on 'Administration'

9. Once you login you will be presented with a list of collector integrations that you can configure. Select the relevant integration from the left. Or run an SNMP discovery of a physical network.

10. Click the "Add Record" button to setup your chosen integration. The 'Setup Guide' link on the form will further guide you through the process for the chosen integration.

11. After successfully entering all the needed credentials click the "Topology" button on the top-right corner of the page.

12. You will be presented with an introductory tutorial and your topology. It may take a few minutes for your topology to appear.