1. After you download the QCOW2 file navigate to the horizon dashboard project/images. Select 'Create Image' in the top tight hand corner and fill out the relevant details. The image is configured to use your SSH key and the user 'hyperglance' to login.

2. Once the image has been uploaded it should look like the screenshot below. Select 'Launch Instance' on the Hyperglance image.

3. Make sure Hyperglance has at least 2x vCPU and 4096 MB RAM.  If not, please adjust accordingly.

4. Once the Hyperglance instance is started and you can access the instance IP open a browser and navigate to: https://ip_address:8443/#/admin

You may need to allocate a floating IP to order to access the Hyperglance instance.

5. click advanced and ignore the warning. Then login, the default credentials are admin/admin

6.  Once you login you will be presented with a list of collector integrations that you can configure. Select the relevant integration from the left. Or run an SNMP discovery of a physical network.

7. Select an integration that you are interested in. Use it's "Documentation" link to help guide you through the setup procedure for the particular integration.