In order for Hyperglance to assign icons to the livestatus topology, you need to assign tags in Nagios. We can then collect those tags and assign icons.

How to set icons:

1.  Set tags for Hyperglance to look for:

a. SSH to the hyperglance appliance and edit /opt/wildfly/standalone/deployments/collector-plugins/CheckMKCollector.ear/lib/config.jar/ This has a list of the tags we look for in the Livestatus tags so we can assign icons.

2. Set tag to icon mapping:

a. Edit /opt/wildfly/standalone/deployments/hyperglance.war/img/topology_icon_mapping.json and change the json in the ‘CheckMK’ section. There are currently 3 matches in the JSON, icon options can be seen in the other configuration in the json.



             "HOST" : "server",

             "switch" : "switch",

             "router" : "router"