In a data center, the structure of the topology is best represented as a tiering in the classic Core, Distribution, Access model or the leaf spine model. Hyperglance has the ability to use different layouts, one of these is a layered or tiered model. 

To achieve this the user needs to define the tiers using attributes.

To configure:


Step 1:  Identify an attribute that defines the tiering

Step 2: SSH to the Hyperglance VM and edit /opt/wildfly/standalone/deployments/hgs.ear/lib/common.jar/

Step 3: Add the attribute name to Network.layered.attributeName

Step 4: Define the levels using the attribute values.  You can specify up to 10 tiers. Note: level 1 is the top tier.


An Example of the files:







(Note: the word 'Network' that prefixes the property names refers to the datasource 'Network' as seen in the screenshot above. If you are configuring for a different datasource then use the appropriate prefix).