To get view your inventory overview and rules monitoring overfiew see the Hyperglance Main Dashboard.

To view your inventory diagram map see the Hyperglance Diagram View page for more info.

Use the Diagram and Dashboard buttons to switch between them:

Dashboard Monitoring Rules:

● Continually monitor your cloud data for any problems.

● Set up Email notifications right away to get notified of any issues: See Hyperglance Main Dashboard

Navigating the Diagram:

 Single click to select - Everything is clickable (Groups, Labels, Resources, Links, Interfaces)

 Click on the label of a group to expand or contract that group

 Left click and drag to move the diagram around


Diagram Controls (top right):

 Home and centering

 Expand-All groups (Click on a group first)

 Filtering (Custom-view menu, links grouped or individual, isolation controls, Show/Hide resources)

 Menu (Print, Export to CSV, Export to Visio, Administration page for managing accounts & subscriptions)


 Search at top left

 Searches across all resources including links, endpoints and alert data

 Search uses an inherently logical ‘and’ and therefore only match if all terms are on the entity. 


 Everything ‘can’ have attributes, alarms, metrics or interfaces depending on the underlying data