The diagram view displays groups for the activated integrations (Amazon / Azure). From here, you can drill into them by expanding the groups, or by clicking on their icons to view high level information.


Top Left - Search bar

Top Right - Navigation tabs - Navigate to the Dashboard, Diagram and Admin Panel.

Top Right - Diagram Controls (from left to right):

Home - Resets to this initial view and pre-selects one of the groups shown above.

Center - Centers the current diagram to fit the screen

Expand-All - Expands a selected group and all of its sub-groups (all the way down).

Isolate - Isolate a piece of the diagram in different ways

Views - VIew the diagram 'for' a particular tag.

Show/Hide menu:

    - Show/Hide different resources

    - Show/Hide interfaces

    - Select link drawing mode (individual or grouped)

Export - Print, Export to CSV, or Export to Visio 

Center - Datasource Groups

Click the label of a group to expand it (or to collapse it afterwards)

Click the icon of a group to bring up its dashboard