Hyperglance has the ability to group collections of entities. Usually the top level group is a datasource like VMware or AWS. Hyperglance also has the ability to order these top level groups into swimlanes. By default Hyperglance layers the datasources by Network, Compute/Cloud and containers; with Network being at the bottom and container at the top following the OSI model. This is configurable in the main runtime.properties file which you can find here : /opt/wildfly/standalone/deployments/hgs.ear/lib/config.jar/runtime.properties .



1. Home button - change the camera position and zoom to the initial configuration

2. Isolate view mode - applies graph-filtering (1-hop, n-hop or group-isolation)

3. Drag/traverse mode - if set then dragging the cursor while the left-button is clicked will drag/traverse the topology

4. Rotate mode - if set then dragging the cursor while the left-button is clicked will rotate the topology

5. Dependency view tags

6. Expand/contract Group

7. Logout

8. Data Source name

9. Collapsed/contracted group

10. Group sub-component alert

11. Search bar