Hyperglance can look at labels/tags and find any dependencies relating to the tagged node/s to create a ‘Service View’. For example, if a VMware VM is tagged Hyperglance also shows the Host it is running on, any storage it is using and the virtual networks that it is connected to. When multiple nodes are tagged with the same label Hyperglance looks for the connections between them as well. As more nodes are tagged ‘Service Views’ are built up showing only the relevant infrastructure for that service. Any Alarms on the infrastructure shown in a service view could have a direct effect on the service.

Watch the short tutorial:

There are two ways to select a service view. From the menu at the top right of the page or in the Attributes tab of any Node or Group that is part of a valid service view. Multiple views can be selected at once.



Selecting one of the tags will activate the service view, indicated by the blue bar along the bottom of the screen:


Multiple tags can be added to the view. The blue bar along the bottom of the screen shows you which tags are presently being active.

The exit the view and return to the overall topology just click the Exit button.

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