When you select a group Hyperglance shows you a summary pane that aggregates all the entities and shows you their status.

There are 4 tabs available with the initial summary tab being the initial default. The others tabs are Group Attributes, Group Metrics and an Alarm tab. All alarms in the group are aggregated; this means any alarms the group itself has as well any alarms on any sub-nodes(etc) are all displayed here.

The group summary panel is comprised of a little stats chart per type of node contained within that group:

In the next figure you can see the doughnut chart for "Virtual_Machine" nodes.
The big number in the center of the doughnut is the total number of Virtual_Machine nodes that belong to that group.
You can also see the percentages of nodes based on their current runtime states.
In this example the group has 50 Virtual Machines out of those 54% are active and 46% are stopped:

If you hover over a section of the doughnut you will see be able the see the how many nodes (the absolute number) are represented by the percentage.
In the next figure you can see that there are 27 Active Virtual Machines in that group.

You can click on the doughnut chart (or around it) to bring up an inventory table listing all the Virtual_Machines contained with this group:

1. Click on a doughnut or in the area around it
2. Inventory table of nodes corresponding to that type (in this case Virtual_Machine).