Using Hyperglance you can connect to devices via SSH, RDP, Telnet or VNC without leaving your browser! There are no plugins or clients to install either.

This is achieved using an Apache Guacamole server which is bundled with the Hyperglance appliance.

To connect to a resource select the ‘CONNECT’ tab:

In the tab we have the following items:



Hyperglance will list all available IP addresses and DNS names associated with this device. Just select an appropriate IP or DNS name from the dropdown list.



 Quick connect

This button will open a new tab and attempt to connect using all the default settings. If you need to provide an SSH key or use a non-standard port then you must modify the settings.



This button will open up a pop-up window where you can change relevant connection settings:


1. SSH

 Hostname, Port, Private key and Passphrase

2. RDP

 Hostname, Port, Domain and the ability to ignore the Host certificate.

3. Telnet

 Hostname and Port

4. VNC

 Hostname and Port

NOTE: The private key must be in OpenSSH format, as would be generated by the OpenSSH ssh-keygen utility.