Users can connect via SSH, RDP, Telnet or VNC inside Hyperglance just using their browser. There are no plugins or clients to install. This facility is enabled using an Apache Guacamole server installed on the Hyperglance VM appliance that proxies all connection traffic.


To use this facility you must first select the node you want to connect to and select the ‘Connection’ tab on the far side of the information sidebar.

 In the tab you have the following items:


Hosts drop down

Hyperglance will list all discovered IP addresses and DNS names and give you a drop down list to choose from.



 Quick connect

This button will open a new tab and attempt to connect to the selected IP address with the selected protocol.



This button will open up a pop-up window with relevant settings and options as below:


1. SSH

 Hostname, Port, Private key and Passphrase

2. RDP

 Hostname, Port, Domain and the ability to ignore the Host certificate.

3. Telnet

 Hostname and Port

4. VNC

 Hostname and Port

Watch the short tutorial: