When an entity is selected (with a single left-click), Hyperglance shows information about that entity. The dashboard is composed of multiple tabs and a section that specifies entity name, type etc. Details below:


1. Entity icon

2. Entity's name

3. Action button (when applicable) - Clicking this will open up a list of actions you can trigger.

4. ‘Goto’ button - Clicking on this will auto-navigate the map to focus on the entity.

5. Attribute's tab (shown below)

6. Metric/Chart tab

7. Alarms tab

8. Endpoint/Interface list (only for Nodes)

9. Neighbor Nodes list (only for Nodes)

10. Connect options (only for a certain Nodes such as EC2 Instances or Azure VMs)

11. External links to third party tools and management consoles.

12. Components like Security Groups and other table-based data

13. Dependency Views (shown only if applicable)

14. Other properties of the entity.


  • For Groups, the default tab is a Summary tab which shows the inventory charts for the group.