When a node to node links is selected the link dashboard shows the nodes to either side and any link data the integration has provided. Each Node has a hyperlink as well as any endpoints/interface if they exist.






Group to group links


Links can be individual or bundles of links. Frequently is it not practical to show each link individually, so we bundle multiple links that connect from two single entities like two groups. We can see in the picture two groups at the top and their corresponding nodes that are linked. Each node is clickable and will show that node’s dashboard.






Equivalency links


Hyperglance automatically creates link between the same entity that has been found in two different data sources. An example of this is between Docker and VMware. If you are running Docker on VMware and Hyperglance connects to both we will see the same host in Docker and also on the VMware instance it’s actually running on. Hyperglance creates an equivalency link between these two nodes. It can be distinguished by the distinct arrows on the links.