In Hyperglance links are the lines between nodes and groups. There are different kinds of links and they are represented differently in the 3D map depending on what sort of link they are...

Individual node-to-node links

The simplest kind of link in Hyperglance is represented a thin solid line between nodes:

Clicking on one of these links bring up the usual entity dashboard slideout displaying any attributes about the link:



Aggregated Links 

When you have multiple links spanning between the same two entities then Hyperglance will aggregate them together.

Hyperglance will also use aggregate links for links that span to/from groups (or that span from entities within those groups to entities outside of those groups).

Aggregated links are represented as thick dashed lines:

Clicking on an aggregate link will display a popup an interactive diagram of all the individual links that are represented by the aggregate link as well as showing all the pairs of entities that they span between:


You can click on any of the individual links, nodes or groups in the diagram to bring up more information about them.


Equivalency links

When dealing with other datasources (such as via the HGAPI) Hyperglance can automatically create links between entities that it considers to be duplicates based on their network-details data. These special type of links are indicated by arrows along the length of the link: