Hyperglance uses the host_name value from the Nagios configuration to match against nodes in its database; a matching node will be overlaid with the corresponding Nagios monitoring data.

Nodes are matched by comparing the host_name value against Node attributes. Exactly which attributes are considering for matching is configurable and can be adjusted to suit your needs. This is particularly relevant if your topology is created via the HGAPI (rather than our pre-bundled integrations) and you are using manual configuration rather than dynamic configuration as you will likely need to adapt these attributes to suit your dataset.

By default we attempt to match nodes using the following attributes:


  • Public DNS Name
  • Public IP Address
  • Private DNS Name
  • Private IP Address
  • Address 1 IP Address
  • Address 2 IP Address
  • Address 3 IP Address

(Note: Hyperglance will also match against its internal node UIDs If you are using the hg2nagios.py script. Read more about it).

These attribute are defined in a configuration file used by the Nagios integration.

To edit this list:

  1. SSH to the Hyperglance Appliance (default SSH credentials are hyperglance/hyperglance)
  2. Open the config file: /opt/wildfly/standalone/deployments/collector-plugins/NagiosRefinementCollector.ear/lib/config.jar/runtime.properties
  • Edit this property: collect.nagios.foreignkeys
  • Colon ':' is used as the separator between attribute names.
  • Restart Wildfly for the config to take effect.
    • sudo service wildfly restart