• Uses the v2.0 or v3.0 Keystone, Nova, Neutron and Ceilometer APIs to gain information on the Hosts, instances and virtual networking of OpenStack.
  • Issue a variety of Openstack commands like suspend and power off.
  • Multiple OpenStack accounts and/or deployments can be entered into Hyperglance to consolidate and aggregate your management stack.
  • Support for public or managed cloud (off-premise):
  • Support for private cloud (on-premise)
    • OpenStack® (open source)
    • HPE Helion OpenStack®
    • Mirantis OpenStack®
    • Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® OpenStack® Platform 

Installation & Setup

If you want to run Hyperglance from the Openstack marketplace then follow this guide.

If you already have the Hyperglance Appliance running then configure then integration by following this guide.