Release 6.3.3

Release Date:  20 February 2020

Features Added


  • Added AWS Elastic IPs into the inventory
  • Add AWS S3 'Block public access settings' as attributes


  • Added Azure Public IPs into the inventory

  • Add Azure Service endpoints


  • Hyperglance now runs as Docker containers on the VM/Instance allowing easy upgrades, Backup and migrations.

  • Support 'go to' on Interfaces


  • Apache Guacamole functionality

Bugs fixed

[HYP-2123] - when selecting a metric via the sparkline chart the user can't see more than one metrics rollups

[HYP-2647] - the azure metric charts just contains "Average" rollup while the search contains multiple hard-coded values such as "Max", "Min" etc

[HYP-2648] - when clicking on a metric name that is the default shown sparkline it will stuck the UI (e.g. "CPU Util" on VM)

[HYP-2972] - Unable to edit chosen entities filter after applying tag view filters

[HYP-2977] - Null Pointer Exception is thrown when removing a tag after the account is removed and the cycle has completed

[HYP-3027] - Links disappear when endpoint *owner* isn't visible (even if endpoint is visible)

[HYP-3046] - Hosted but unowned interfaces are not part of the 'show in diagram' diagram

[HYP-3052] - Half of navigation bar is not cover by modal overlay

[HYP-3053] - Icon in Search Results of ECS Instance have misaligned entity text

[HYP-3055] - When closing the last applied app-tag with 'x' button it would de-select the previously selected entity

Release 6.3.0

Release Date:  16 January 2020

Features Added


  • Added EBS volumes into the inventory
  • EBS volumes now show in the diagram


  • Added Azure Disks into the inventory

  • Disks now show in the diagram


  • Network interfaces are now shown in the diagram

  • Added the ability to add/remove/edit apptag keys in the UI

  • Various UI improvements 


  • Apache Guacamole functionality

Bugs fixed

[HYP-775] - 'The selected entity is not part of the current view' shown for nodes but not for endpoints, links etc

[HYP-2694] - Azure metric searches take an unexpectedly long time even with not many nodes

[HYP-2723] - Traffic Manager profile endpoint issues

[HYP-2724] - Azure load balancer backend pool shouldn't be an interface

[HYP-2828] - Not picking up 'Name' Attribute for VPCE Security group

[HYP-2836] - ECS containers, Services, tasks missing AWS console links

[HYP-2841] - APIM fails to collect while the service is activating

[HYP-2847] - Error dialog not showing any errors

[HYP-2853] - AWS Redshift cluster subnet group missing associations in hyperglance

[HYP-2859] - Redshift NullPointerException

[HYP-2863] - Links to unowned Endpoints cause NPEs

[HYP-2864] - Non associated components not showing in group summary

[HYP-2876] - Collection cycle killed by duplicate UIDs across services

[HYP-2879] - Public IP is set to 'Name' when no name exists

[HYP-2882] - Persistant HTTP 504 Gateway Timeout error for Azurte Classic Alerts

[HYP-2890] - S3 buckets alarms are missing

[HYP-2899] - Duplicate UIDs caused by RDS and Aurora

[HYP-2929] - Guacamole RDP not working

[HYP-2938] - Exception: An entity with this UID has already been constructed.

[HYP-2945] - HG keeps TGW even though the State is 'deleted'

[HYP-2953] - Azure console link missing from Traffic Manager Profile

[HYP-2960] - Search autocomplete should auto-quote asterix

[HYP-2970] - Handle catchment-vertices for endpoints in HGAPI

[HYP-2975] - Runtime Exceptions on Azure Load Balancer Metrics

[HYP-3002] - Missing Redshift Cluster icon

[HYP-3004] - Aurora DB Cluster icon on an auto-aggregated group is missing

Release 6.2.1

Release Date:  31 October 2019

Features Added


  • Added support for AWS ECS
  • Added support for AWS Fargate support
  • Added AWS security groups as inventory items in the summary pane
  • You can now show/highlight AWS Security Groups on diagram
  • Now Supports AWS Redshift


  • Added Azure Network security groups as items in the summary pane inventory

  • You can now show/Highlight Azure Network Security Groups on the diagram


  • Added the ability to show/highlight search results in the diagram

  • Added a Hyperlink to each resource console (AWS or Azure)

  • You can now show components that aren't 'associated' to anything

Bugs fixed

[HYP-2332] - Elastic Network Interface doesn't have EC2 instance ID attribute

[HYP-2643] - Various issues with VPCE collection

[HYP-2694] - Azure metric searches take an unexpectedly long time even with not many nodes

[HYP-2701] - AWS route table has an empty section where the Transit GW should be

[HYP-2704] - AWS ENI name taking 'Name' tag as its name

[HYP-2705] - Route tables are components of VPCEs when they shouldn't be

[HYP-2725] - Azure Network interfaces are populated differently depending on when resource they are connected to

[HYP-2754] - Group icons aren't horizontally aligned if one is expandable and the other isn't

[HYP-2761] - Trying to collect access-control-lists for S3 buckets that don't exist

[HYP-2771] - HGAPI has broken backwards compatibility

[HYP-2783] - resource not highlighted when you 'Go to' and disable all filters' needs to be selected

[HYP-2792] - AWS VPCE not connected to subnets

[HYP-2683] - Fix Cosmos DB networking

[HYP-2685] - Connect APIM to subnets

[HYP-2728] - Don't show 'Go To' button on inventory pane when nothing is selected

[HYP-2753] - Error collecting API Management Services for Resource Group NetworkWatcherRG: HTTP 404 Not Found

Release 6.1.7

Release Date:  3 October 2019

Features Added


  • Add Network ACL & Route Table to VPC
  • The ability to turn off collection of services in the UI
  • Add Middle East (Bahrain) region


  • Azure Event Grid support


  • You can now send a rule alert to Slack

  • Any resource that is placed on a group border is now aggregated if there are more than 4 of the same type 

  • Added a check for DNS resolution

Bugs fixed

[HYP-2536] - [Discussion needed] If rule notification fails there is no retry

[HYP-2541] - Weird statistics shown in administration panel 'Status' pop up before 1st collection cycle completed.

[HYP-2621] - CloudResourceSubType isn't getting persisted (and loaded) to the DB so server would declare that it's null

[HYP-2632] - Not collecting all of the AWS topology

[HYP-2638] - Resource is not selected after 'goto' button is used and "Resource not in diagram" - Disable filters is used

[HYP-2644] - unable to retrieve vertex inventory & very slow metric searches

[HYP-2658] - There are multiple services that are getting 401s on Azure due to an invalid format of the Authorization header

[HYP-2675] - Multiple REST calls are failing (e.g. a lot of 401s in Azure)

[HYP-2676] - "Errors detected" tooltip looks broken on IE (the content section)

[HYP-2697] - rule is incorrectly firing

[HYP-2699] - Azure cosmosdb container collection failing

[HYP-2700] - Unable to collect Alerts - java.lang.NullPointerException

[HYP-2736] - NPE in azure logic apps tags (SDK could return null)

[HYP-2737] - NPE that could happen if at least one Azure LB has an inbound NAT rule which isn't associated with a target

[HYP-2738] - Downgrade mid-constructed entities error from exception to logged warning

[HYP-2739] - Fix NPE in Azure alarm collection

[HYP-2740] - try to find a non-null key to use for CosmosDB API

[HYP-2741] - Increase timeout to 60seconds

[HYP-2742] - Add detailed exceptions around metrics calls

[HYP-2743] - Lambda collector doesn't create Lambdas located within VPC

[HYP-2744] - Missing ec2 instances

[HYP-2745] - Missing caused-by exception logging for APIM errors

Release 6.1.5

Release Date:  

Features Added


  • Extract Print, Export to Visio and Export to CSV into a top-level menu item
  • Service-Level error reporting


  • Add action for API Management Services
  • Add actions to Azure Function Apps

Bugs fixed

[HYP-1839] - part of group's label that is adjacent to another node/label turns to be "unclickable"

[HYP-2215] - hovering over the tools/settings options (ADMIN page) would show "tools" for every item's tooltip

[HYP-2343] - Import/export dialog box header text is not left aligned like the others

[HYP-2344] - Cursor looks 'disabled' when hovering the header of New Account Record box + cursor is disabled outside the popup area

[HYP-2484] - Metrics are not sorted in metrics tab

[HYP-2489] - Blank tests in rules table should show dash "---" instead of "/" for empty runs

[HYP-2509] - Search autocomplete doesn't scroll with arrow keys (but used to)

[HYP-2521] - Closing the Add Record dialog box refreshes all Accounts

[HYP-2596] - Menu items tooltips all says "Menu"

[HYP-2628] - HG stopped collection

Release 6.1.1

Release Date:  25 June 2019

Features Added


  • Added textual names to icons for clarity
  • Added 'Aggregated link' icon in controls section
  • Set 'Show all links' to default


  • Added support for Azure API Management
  • Added support for Azure Logic App
  • Added support for Azure functions
  • Added support for Azure SQL Data Warehouse 
  • Add link, 'Inbound NAT rules' on Azure load balancers
  • We now show IP address of Load Balancer on diagram

Bugs fixed

[HYP-2569] - Auto created groups don't get removed when deselected on Resource Visibility pane

Release 6.0

Release Date:  7 June 2019

Features Added

Rules Engine

  • Create, amend & delete rules based on collected metadata, performance metrics and alarms
  • Create emails and/or notifications based off thresholds
  • Notification via AWS SNS
  • Notification via Azure Event Grid
  • Alert based on Threshold breach
  • Rule trigger periodicity minute, day, week  


  • Added support for DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX)
  • Added support for Amazon Aurora Serverless
  • Added support for the Hong Kong region
  • Added support for RDS Clusters
  • Added IP addressing to diagram
  • Added VPC & Subnet CIDR range to diagram
  • Added icon variants for EC2 instances in the diagram
  • Added action: RDS start-db-cluster and stop-db-cluster
  • Assigned icons to different AWS DBs
  • Added RDS instance status sub-icons
  • Added RDS Public accessibility attribute
  • Add extra DynamoDB table tags
  • Add extra RDS log attributes
  • Add extra DynamoDB attributes
  • Add extra VPC attributes
  • Add extra Load Balancer attributes
  • Add extra Lamdba attributes
  • Added support for Tag Actions for RDS Cluster and Aurora
  • Added the ability to detect API throttling


  • Added support for Azure Redis
  • Added support for Cosmos DB
  • Added support for Azure Database for MySQL servers
  • Added support for Azure Database for PostgreSQL servers
  • Added support for new Azure Alerts
  • Added extra attributes to SQL Server & SQL Databases
  • Added attribute columns to Azure types in table view
  • Added IP addressing to diagram
  • Added Subnet CIDR range to diagram


  • Added CSV export prefix tag keys with section name "Tags."
  • Added the ability to 'OR' in a rule with security groups
  • Rebranded 'Saved Searches' to 'Rules'
  • Hyperglance now shows IP addresses on the diagram
  • Added 'Resources' count in 'info'
  • Hyperglance now indicates on the table which row is selected


  • Changed Azure attribute name from 'Account' to 'Subscription'  
  • Changed Azure attribute from 'Region' to 'Location'
  • Changed text in top of summary panel
  • Renamed AWS 'Elastic-Load-Balancer' to 'Classic-Load-Balancer'

Bugs fixed

[HYP-1773] - RDS alarms no longer work

[HYP-2150] - Azure metric auto-complete and metrics tab have discrepancies

[HYP-2173] - tables keep scrolling position of previously presented tables

[HYP-2301] - Stopped RDS instances doesn't have the stopped icon

[HYP-2302] - Target groups component page are missing some details

[HYP-2323] - Visio export - Names are not trimmed so they overlap

[HYP-2334] - Table export button can be triggered by clicking empty space

[HYP-2356] - Table search can't handle quotes

[HYP-2357] - Table scrolls down too much and hides the data

[HYP-2368] - AWS Route53 record-policies links aren't defined with (correct direction of) dependencies

[HYP-2398] - Diagram - Poor performance at scale

[HYP-2430] - Importing credentials can result in duplicates

[HYP-2433] - 'Servers/elasticpools' show as a group in Azure

[HYP-2442] - Vertex inventory search - alphabetically sort the table types and table names + add the "Tables" type first

[HYP-2452] - Internal LB not centered like external LB

[HYP-2460] - LoadBalancerListenerCollector missing exception handling

[HYP-2463] - Searching within tables show an extra (redundant because it's on top of the default empty one) empty table

[HYP-2480] - Subnet and VM CIDR is not centered in exported visio

[HYP-2494] - DynamoDB missing Table Size (Bytes) column data

[HYP-2498] - In case of partial metrics search term provided, the search ignore all terms entered after it

[HYP-2527] - Search auto-complete not always including closing quote from autocomplete selections

[HYP-2543] - Small fonts can cause text to wrap when exported to Visio


  • InfluxDB
  • Kapacitor
  • Grafana


Release 5.6

Release Date:  2 April 2019

Features Added

  • Change to new AWS Icon Set and design guidance
  • Add AWS Route 53 support
  • Add Azure Traffic Manger support
  • Add Export inventory function
  • Add Credential 'Export' function
  • Add multiple routes on link from subnet to Gateway
  • Add metrics to NAT gateways
  • Add missing metrics to AWS nodes
  • Add support for 'Hibernate' of EC2 instances
  • Support DynamoDB on demand and transactions
  • Support for two new actions in Application Load Balancer. Redirects and Fixed Response.
  • Support elastic load balancing slow start mode
  • Remove resources that have 'State' of 'Deleted'
  • Add NAT Gateway 'Status' attribute
  • Support AWS Transit gateway connections to Customer Gateways
  • Format JSON attributes (including S3 policy attributes)
  • Changing the behaviour of 1 and n hop from a group
  • Add RDS Start/Stop action

Bugs fixed

[HYP-2201] - Can't add tags to VPCs and and Peering connections.

[HYP-2263] - links tunnel is missing

[HYP-2264] - Private IPs don't show in Azure Guac drop down

[HYP-2270] - XML illegal characters in labels will break visio export

[HYP-2271] - Images in our Visio do not show when imported into

[HYP-2288] - NullPointerException caused by legacy instances not within subnets

[HYP-2296] - AWS Empty Subnets are in wrong Availability Zones

[HYP-2297] - AWS ELB status in attributes tab is presented as JSON

[HYP-2303] - DNS names in VPC-Endpoints attributes are hard to read

[HYP-2311] - Occasionally possible to have expanded empty groups

[HYP-2312] - Between-Tier section is drawn too tall in some cases

[HYP-2313] - Fails to import credentials in Edge browser

[HYP-2314] - Unable to export visio in Edge or Firefox browsers

[HYP-2315] - Firefox export visio with the dark theme

[HYP-2318] - Special characters in table data mess up exported CSV

[HYP-2321] - Uploading a bad file/json will persist the error message to the import popup box

[HYP-2325] - Export to Visio/ Export to CSV/ Print are failing on every non-diagram page

[HYP-2328] - After a link has been selected an F5 should "go-to" it

[HYP-2329] - Escape key doesn't work on Links popup

[HYP-2330] - Messed up text in change password box

[HYP-2331] - Change password field doesn't allow some common keyboard symbols

[HYP-2339] - Closing the "expand/collapse group" tutorial-box could cause the left-panel to slide out

[HYP-2340] - inventory tables horizontal scrollbar isn't keeping position when switching to another table

[HYP-2349] - section name contains "Null"

[HYP-2360] - Lines not drawn accurately in visio when imported to

Release 5.5

Release Date:  8 February 2019

Features Added

  • Added the ability to Export the diagram to Visio format
  • Added support for AWS Lambda
  • Added support for Azure Web Apps
  • 'Expand All' feature added.
  • Components like Security Groups now show in search results
  • Enable search in Azure to filter by 'Resource Group'
  • Azure diagram layout improvements

Bugs fixed

[HYP-2177] - Group to node link issues
[HYP-2188] - We are not truncating VPC Names
[HYP-2236] - NPE is thrown when the load-balancer is configured in a certain way
[HYP-2249] - component popup (from a search) style isn't matching the other path to get to a component popup
[HYP-2251] - Azure network interface has a ? for an icon when shown in the 'Attached to' tab
[HYP-2258] - SQL-DB not resolving metrics for search auto-complete

Release 5.3.3

Release Date:  8 January 2019

Features Added

  • Added AWS Transit-Gateway support
  • AWS VPC endpoints are now connected to their to corresponding AWS service
  • Added AWS Privatelink support
  • We now show a simpler diagram by default and then allow you to add in Gateways and peering connections 
  • Resource selector drop down is now sticky to help you see what is currently showing
  • Added support for the new AWS EU (Stockholm) region
  • You can now change the admin password through the UI
  • Group relationships now show as relationships in the summary pane tab
  • Initial AWS Subnet 'Sharing' support

Bugs fixed

[HYP-1910] - Expanded groups get wrapped when they shouldn't
[HYP-2107] - After licence is expired there is no message to inform the user
[HYP-2111] - When I 'Goto' a node the URL doesn't change to the selected node
[HYP-2117] - AWS Virtual Private Gateways do not show until a VPN connection is established
[HYP-2121] - Alarm sub-icons don't automatically get placed on nodes
[HYP-2138] - F5 scraps the clustering mode
[HYP-2146] - Clustering gets broken after a F5
[HYP-2195] - Transit gateway not showing VPCs as neighbors
[HYP-2204] - While waiting for collection the UI gives incorrect message
[HYP-2213] - Clicking on the EntityA (or B) of a link's "Specific Data" wouldn't update the entityUID in the URL

Release 5.3.2

Release Date:  12 November 2018

Features Added

  • Ability to show/hide resource types (and their links) in the diagram
  • Ability to set custom AWS & Azure API polling time
  • Print now has a white background for better printing experience
  • Change 'settings' icon to a hamburger
  • Add 'Print' item in hamburger menu
  • Advanced search to be expanded by default
  • More-compact group inventory panel
  • Can now collect and show AWS Gateway VPC Endpoints
  • Improved group to group linking

Bugs fixed

HYP-1650] - Long instance names extend past the the action popup box
[HYP-1694] - "Clear Search" & "Advanced Search" would overlap when the window's width is small to medium size
[HYP-1778] - an entry in the admin-page looks like all of it is clickable (due to pointer cursor) whereas just Status and Actions are clickable
[HYP-1911] - After timeout re-login HG doesn't go 'Home'
[HYP-1921] - clicking expand/collapse on a selected group would deselect it
[HYP-1926] - Remove Extra space between search inputs
[HYP-1963] - Edge Bug - Clicking on the home button, selects 'Azure' datasource instead of 'Amazon'
[HYP-1965] - Edge Bug - Numbers are displayed as phone numbers
[HYP-1966] - Exported results of search are not in the order as you see in the screen
[HYP-1974] - Disabled alarms still display on diagram
[HYP-2077] - Dependency view in AWS doesn't include Customer-Gateway
[HYP-2105] - Incorrect tutorial tooltip for 'Home' button
[HYP-1857] - changing fixed width (or height) sizes to be more robust, ideally using min/max sizes
[HYP-1909] - Links handling improvements needed

Release 5.3

Release Date:  11 August 2018

NOTE: This release features a complete redesign of the diagram UI



  • Topology Re-Structured
  • Cloud multi-tier architecture visualization
  • Render resources within subnet groups as aggregations
  • Add groups to apptag views
  • Show catastrophic server error messages in the client
  • Add owners tab to Components slideout
  • If HG is collecting and it hasn't finished the initial collection cycle it should say so on the screen
  • Icons on expanded groups
  • Tiers & Zones rendering
  • Bring up side panel when group icon is selected (id icon on the top left of groups)
  • Include node to group links in n-hop
  • Order subnet group contents
  • Aggregated group icons
  • Stop credential entry popup disappearing if user clicks elsewhere
  • Add groups to group summary
  • Aggregate empty groups
  • Place gateways into the datasource group
  • add and improve the existing tooltips
  • Add a 'big' hint that users can click on summary donuts
  • Add AND, OR and NOT at the end of the advanced text search text
  • Show list of tables user can search within in Advanced search 
  • Change dependency view Grafana pop out so people know it's not how they select the dependency view
  • Remove AWS & Azure 'External Links' to their various consoles.
  • Tutorial adjustments
  • Add tips on the Admin page.Support auto-display of record input form when redirecting to admin page
  • Change 'node' to 'resource' in text


  • AWS Topology Re-Structured
  • Support VPC peering links
  • Customer Gateways should live on the border of the AWS group and have a composite icon
  • Remove TargetGroups from topology
  • RouteTables as components
  • Duplicate RDS instances across all associated subnets
  • Indicate when a group is empty on the diagram
  • Order subnet groups within VPC
  • Don't show terminated instances
  • Permit AWS access/secret key entry to be turned off
  • Use 'DB Instance ID' instead of 'DB Name' for RDS instances
  • display default value for Alias field in the add record pop up for Amazon collector


  • Azure Topology Re-Structured
  • Azure Public LoadBalancers should be positioned above the VNetwork group
  • vNet to vNet peering
  • Position Azure public LB
  • Show private IP addresses in VM attributes
  • Add 'Status' to Virtual Network Gateway
  • Add support for Azure Local Gateways
  • Add Azure Virtual network gateways
  • Add Azure App-Gateways


  • New 2D Pan/Zoom camera
  • Add 'center' icon
  • Move all icons to top right
  • Make 'Home' button collapse everything, remove any tag views applied, autoselect datasource (alphabetical), remove clustering
  • remove the "groups" widget and clean it up completely
  • Disable the clustering button if there isn't any valid entity selected
  • introduce a new gear icon (to replace the user/admin)
  • On entry to HG go 'Home'

Bugs fixed

[HYP-1696] - AWS security-group's inbound & outbound tables doesn't show "description"

[HYP-1702] - Node to Group Links are ignored when performing a multi hop.

[HYP-1716] - HG sees MAC retina screen as too small

[HYP-1727] - AWS collection dies with null pointer when no connection to AWS API

[HYP-1802] - DynamoDB not working correctly

[HYP-1805] - Top nav buttons disappear in Safari

[HYP-1838] - No Notice if client loses connection to server

[HYP-1859] - Azure NSG comma separated lists & ranges

[HYP-1860] - ConcurrentModificationException from Azure

[HYP-1866] - ConcurrentModificationException can occur within the ActionHelper

[HYP-1925] - I can't enter a dummy record to set regions when AWS policy is applied

[HYP-1946] - AWS classic load balancers don't have the correct icon and there is no way to tell apart from the application load balancers

[HYP-1948] - tools tips for 'Home' or 'Tools' in admin page missing

Release 5.2.1

Release Date:  24 April 2018

Bugs fixed

Add timeout to initial request sent to Azure to prevent indefinite hanging of the Azure collector.

Release 5.2

Release Date:  19 April 2018

Features Added

  • Inventory Table advanced search functionality
  • Ability to export inventory table into CSV file
  • SAML Authentication support
  • Support for AWS S3 Buckets
  • Public S3 bucket highlighting
  • Support mapping multiple AWS Tags to AppTags
  • Ability to Add/Remove tags on VPC groups in AWS
  • Ability to share currently selected entity's url with others between PCs
  • Users now managed in database rather than filestore
  • Put RDS instances within their Availability zone groups.
  • Improved Layered Topology Layout
  • Add "Source/Dest. Check" attribute to AWS Instances.

Bugs fixed

[HYP-1629] - VPC tags should show on the VPC groups and not on all route tables.

[HYP-1641] - Fix Foreign Key constraint error when inserting groups from HGAPI

[HYP-1664] - In Node Inventory Summary Table, the columns should retain the order as in the summary_attributes.xml

[HYP-1677] - Long components prevent closing of component slide-out

[HYP-1684] - Long component names are getting cropped (IE11)

[HYP-1663] - Azure's SDK throws an unexpected NPE when VirtualMachine.getPrimaryPublicIPAddress() is invoked

[HYP-1687] - Empty subnet groups are removed when isolating on an AWS Availability zone group

Integrations Depreciated (contact us if you need these)

  • OpenStack
  • SNMP
  • Docker Swarm
  • VMware vSphere
  • Nagios
  • CheckMK

Release 5.1.1

Release Date:  14 March 2018

Bugs fixed

[HYP-1610] - Fix failure to fetch tags for greater than 20 load balancers at once

Release 5.1

Release Date:  26 January 2018

Features Added

  • Support for AWS VPC Peering Connections
  • Allow STS AssumeRole for AWS credentials
  • Add support for AWS Paris Region
  • Add attributes to AWS VPC groups
  • Cut and Paste support for console
  • Default SSH key

Bugs fixed

[HYP-1485] - Hovering a "Custom Views" button behaves in an inconsistent manner

[HYP-1505] - Clearing SNMP config does not remove topology

[HYP-1510] - if the isWMIPortOpen property changes value after the first discovery, the Icinga services are not updated

[HYP-1512] - Target-Group alarms not showing

[HYP-1515] - Text formatting for wmi-drive kapacitor check

[HYP-1563] - Collisions between FSID of groups when an account-alias has that name as an FSID

[HYP-1570] - Change text "DEBUGGING - ADVANCE USAGE ONLY" to "DEBUGGING - ADVANCED USAGE ONLY" in SNMP Discovery options

[HYP-1579] - Route Tables do not show destinationPrefixListId value in the Routes Table

Release 5.0

Release Date:  20 November 2017

Features Added

  • AWS topology visualization improved
  • More AWS resources now supported (NAT gateway, Application Load Balancer, Network Load Balancer, Target Groups)
  • Azure topology visualization improved
  • Added Time series database into package
  • Added time series analytics dashboarding
  • Group Dashboards added
  • Service views now have dashboards
  • Predictive analytics dashboards added for each metric
  • Hyperglance internal metric dashboard added
  • Ability for user to create, delete nodes and links in UI
  • Auto Aggregation of nodes when above a threshold
  • Search now available on tables
  • Alarms can now be muted
  • Alarms can now be disabled for a node
  • Alarm state now shows on group summary  
  • Ability to specify management Subnets for nodes added
  • Textual Node count now shows on all groups
  • Improved tiering layout algorithm
  • Endpoint & Links now change color on alarm
  • Tabs now do not show when no data found
  • More information shown on search items (IP address, Alarm state)
  • More information shown on interface list items (IP address, Alarm state)
  • Ability to remove nodes using UI from Network datasource
  • Ability to exclude nodes from SNMP discovery using UI from Network datasource
  • New SNMP discovery techniques, OSPF, BGP, ISIS .......
  • Added In-Built SNMP discovery and mapping module
  • Added UI based discovery of SNMP & WMI devices
  • Automatic metric monitoring of SNMP & WMI discovered nodes; Availability, Latency, CPU, RAM, HD, Interface bandwidth
  • Metric Dashboards added for SNMP & WMI nodes
  • Console sessions have the option to be recorded to disk for audit & compliance (SSH, RDP, Telnet, VNC)
  • Gzip enabled between client and HG server to reduce bandwidth
  • Ability to influence Dependency View by specifying which node types are 'routable'
  • Ability for user to define grouping based on node type, attribute added
  • Notice on UI to show sub-optimal resolution or DPI
  • New licensing system
  • Better logging

Release 4.3.2

Release Date:  24 February 2017

Bugs fixed

[HYP-1117] - Docker collector is failing to complete a collection

[HYP-1118] - Azure is failing to complete a collection due to missing Network Security Group issue

Release 4.3.1

Release Date:  23 February 2017

Bugs fixed

[HYP-1114] - Some Azure VMs not connected to a VirtualNetwork when they should be

Release 4.3.0

Release Date:  13 February 2017

Features Added

  • Add AWS Canada (Central) region
  • Add VMware account groups
  • Ability to enable and disable account credentials
  • Kubernetes label adjustments
  • Add account alias name to summary listing
  • Adding the Hyperglance version as part of the logs
  • Improved label visibility - easier to read, intelligent sizing
  • New Tools drop down menu for easy access to Admin page and tools
  • Navigation from and to the Admin page
  • New Admin page for easier collector credential management
  • Table slider to slide back after 2nd click of summary pane item
  • Add account alias to group summary table
  • New HGAPI credential management
  • Add AWS London Region

Bugs fixed

[HYP-959] - Node showing alarm after disabled or deleted alarm in Azure

[HYP-939] - User can't search for 'Runtime State'

[HYP-1088] - Nagios actions only work against AWS and Openstack

[HYP-1087] - CheckMK shows  error when port value is not a number

[HYP-1079] - Long AppTags don't break well and cause some UI distortion

[HYP-1075] - Client 'Home' cuts off labels at top of browser

[HYP-1067] - When hovering next to a doughnut summary (group's dashboard) the cursor looks and ability to click isn't consistent

[HYP-1065] - Ipad Issues - Double click to expand groups does not work

[HYP-1061] - When tables are getting small (height-wise) then some of the columns overlap the headers

[HYP-1055] - Error  whilst collecting Azure topology causes whole topology to go away

[HYP-1052] - Admin tools requires the user to re-enter  credentials

[HYP-1051] - remote-connection "hijacks" the current tab

[HYP-1050] - Concurrent vmware calls can fail

[HYP-1043] - NoSuchElementException against vsphere 6

[HYP-1042] - Vmware OutOfMemoryError "unable to create new native thread"

Release 4.2.3

Release Date:  6 December 2016

Bugs fixed

[HYP-984] - Azure alert timestamps could be in different ISO8601 formats - parsing those timestamps could fail

[HYP-986] - Azure doesn't show topology when SDK's VirtualMachine::computerName fails

Release 4.2.2

Release Date:  1 December 2016

Bugs fixed

[HYP-978] - Azure topology fails due to non-firing alert rule

Release 4.2.1

Release Date:  29 November 2016

Features added

[HYP-818] - Azure integration

Bugs fixed

[HYP-958] - Unable to close Dialog box "Error: Unable to obtain action data from the Hyperglance Server"

[HYP-964] - Nedi failing for link with null linktype

Release 4.2.0

Release Date:  10 November 2016


  • Link alarms
  • Hyperglance Interactive Tutorial
  • Clickable Entity-specific URLs in the client UI
  • New SDK example script for Entity-Specific-URLs
  • Nedi <-> Vmware comms linking
  • Improve layout so that links will tend not to intersect
  • More specific client link names
  • Refactor: popup windows
  • Improve grid layouts

Bugs fixed

[HYP-770] - No Relayout (cluster-wise) when applying filter-like operations

[HYP-784] - UI error in console when clicking on stale data in the group inventory

[HYP-786] - Bubble up endpoint alarm not being reflected in 3D topology

[HYP-789] - Selected Isolate icons get in the way when trying to select another mode

[HYP-805] - AWS security group missing 'Source' attributes when local

[HYP-810] - Guac console text hard to read

[HYP-812] - Support Docker swarm mode

[HYP-814] - State:pending should be 'transitioning' tag icon, not 'suspended'

[HYP-828] - OpenStack router not connecting to networks

[HYP-831] - Phones not connecting in HG when they are connected in NeDi

[HYP-844] - VMware 5.5 giving null pointer

[HYP-852] - Can't auth into Fujitsu OpenStack

[HYP-863] - unlinked endpoint shows up in the 3D

[HYP-889] - Security group list not complete

[HYP-614] - Top level groups show even when no access configured

[HYP-787] - Problems connecting to vCenter causes HG to hang, needs wildfly restart

[HYP-793] - Kubernetes node not connecting to OpenStack Instance

[HYP-803] - Get error from HG AWS AMI with policy applied "Must specify userName when calling with non-User credentials"

[HYP-806] - RBAC leaves empty top-level groups

[HYP-807] - Support + as a delimiter of apptags in AWS

[HYP-820] - VMware NullPointerException from inaccessible datastores

[HYP-883] - HTTP 417 error from Openstack

[HYP-887] - All NeDi links show as two links, not one

[HYP-870] - Change trial message from Error to Notice

[HYP-791] - Terminated instances' alarms shouldn't bubble up (to the group)

Release 4.1.5

Release Date:  29 October 2016

Bugs fixed

[HYP-883] - OpenStack getting 417 errors

Release 4.1.4

Release Date:  26 October 2016


  • Support for Ohio AWS region

Bugs fixed

[HYP-845 ] - Printer icon not showing in NeDi

Release 4.1.3

Release Date:  13 October 2016


  • Hyperglance Licensing 2.0

Bugs fixed

[HYP-820] - VMware NullPointerException from inaccessible datastores

[HYP-831] - Phones not connecting in HG when they are connected in NeDi

[HYP-832] - IP Phones don't have an icon

[HYP-841] - console.log is not disabled on linux

Release 4.1.2

Release Date:  5 October 2016

Features added

  • User able to change the ‘-‘ for the name of the default group in AWS
  • Openstack Keystone V3 support


  • Topology grid layouts tuned for better visibility

Bugs fixed

[HYP-815] - If AWS security creds get unauthenticated on one account it stops all AWS accounts collecting

[HYP-828] - OpenStack router not connecting to networks