Release 5.2.1

Release Date:  24 April 2018

Bugs fixed

Add timeout to initial request sent to Azure to prevent indefinite hanging of the Azure collector.

Release 5.2

Release Date:  19 April 2018

Features Added

  • Inventory Table advanced search functionality
  • Ability to export inventory table into CSV file
  • SAML Authentication support
  • Support for AWS S3 Buckets
  • Public S3 bucket highlighting
  • Support mapping multiple AWS Tags to AppTags
  • Ability to Add/Remove tags on VPC groups in AWS
  • Ability to share currently selected entity's url with others between PCs
  • Users now managed in database rather than filestore
  • Put RDS instances within their Availability zone groups.

  • Improved Layered Topology Layout
  • Add "Source/Dest. Check" attribute to AWS Instances.

Bugs fixed

[HYP-1629] - VPC tags should show on the VPC groups and not on all route tables.

[HYP-1641] - Fix Foreign Key constraint error when inserting groups from HGAPI

[HYP-1664] - In Node Inventory Summary Table, the columns should retain the order as in the summary_attributes.xml

[HYP-1677] - Long components prevent closing of component slide-out

[HYP-1684] - Long component names are getting cropped (IE11)

[HYP-1663] - Azure's SDK throws an unexpected NPE when VirtualMachine.getPrimaryPublicIPAddress() is invoked

[HYP-1687] - Empty subnet groups are removed when isolating on an AWS Availability zone group

Integrations Depreciated (contact us if you need these)

  • OpenStack
  • SNMP
  • Docker Swarm
  • VMware vSphere
  • Nagios
  • CheckMK

Release 5.1.1

Release Date:  14 March 2018

Bugs fixed

[HYP-1610] - Fix failure to fetch tags for greater than 20 load balancers at once

Release 5.1

Release Date:  26 January 2018

Features Added

Bugs fixed

[HYP-1485] - Hovering a "Custom Views" button behaves in an inconsistent manner
[HYP-1505] - Clearing SNMP config does not remove topology
[HYP-1510] - if the isWMIPortOpen property changes value after the first discovery, the Icinga services are not updated
[HYP-1512] - Target-Group alarms not showing
[HYP-1515] - Text formatting for wmi-drive kapacitor check
[HYP-1563] - Collisions between FSID of groups when an account-alias has that name as an FSID
[HYP-1570] - Change text "DEBUGGING - ADVANCE USAGE ONLY" to "DEBUGGING - ADVANCED USAGE ONLY" in SNMP Discovery options
[HYP-1579] - Route Tables do not show destinationPrefixListId value in the Routes Table

Release 5.0

Release Date:  20 November 2017

Features Added

AWS topology visualization improved
More AWS resources now supported (NAT gateway, Application Load Balancer, Network Load Balancer, Target Groups)
Azure topology visualization improved
Added Time series database into package
Added time series analytics dashboarding
Group Dashboards added
Service views now have dashboards
Predictive analytics dashboards added for each metric
Hyperglance internal metric dashboard added
Ability for user to create, delete nodes and links in UI
Auto Aggregation of nodes when above a threshold
Search now available on tables
Alarms can now be muted
Alarms can now be disabled for a node
Alarm state now shows on group summary  
Ability to specify management Subnets for nodes added
Textual Node count now shows on all groups
Improved tiering layout algorithm
Endpoint & Links now change color on alarm
Tabs now do not show when no data found
More information shown on search items (IP address, Alarm state)
More information shown on interface list items (IP address, Alarm state)
Ability to remove nodes using UI from Network datasource
Ability to exclude nodes from SNMP discovery using UI from Network datasource
New SNMP discovery techniques, OSPF, BGP, ISIS .......
Added In-Built SNMP discovery and mapping module
Added UI based discovery of SNMP & WMI devices
Automatic metric monitoring of SNMP & WMI discovered nodes; Availability, Latency, CPU, RAM, HD, Interface bandwidth
Metric Dashboards added for SNMP & WMI nodes
Console sessions have the option to be recorded to disk for audit & compliance (SSH, RDP, Telnet, VNC)
Gzip enabled between client and HG server to reduce bandwidth
Ability to influence Dependency View by specifying which node types are 'routable'
Ability for user to define grouping based on node type, attribute added
Notice on UI to show sub-optimal resolution or DPI
New licensing system
Better logging

Release 4.3.2

Release Date:  24 February 2017

Bugs fixed

[HYP-1117] - Docker collector is failing to complete a collection

[HYP-1118] - Azure is failing to complete a collection due to missing Network Security Group issue

Release 4.3.1

Release Date:  23 February 2017

Bugs fixed

[HYP-1114] - Some Azure VMs not connected to a VirtualNetwork when they should be

Release 4.3.0

Release Date:  13 February 2017

Features Added

[HYP-999] - Add AWS Canada (Central) region
[HYP-981] - Add VMware account groups
[HYP-961] - Ability to enable and disable account credentials
[HYP-951] - Kubernetes label adjustments
[HYP-944] - Add account alias name to summary listing
[HYP-937] - Adding the Hyperglance version as part of the logs
[HYP-932] - Improved label visibility - easier to read, intelligent sizing
[HYP-921] - New Tools drop down menu for easy access to Admin page and tools
[HYP-918] - Navigation from and to the Admin page
[HYP-911] - New Admin page for easier collector credential management
[HYP-879] - Table slider to slide back after 2nd click of summary pane item
[HYP-871] - Add account alias to group summary table
[HYP-1009] - New HGAPI credential management
[HYP-1007] - Add AWS London Region

Bugs fixed

[HYP-959] - Node showing alarm after disabled or deleted alarm in Azure
[HYP-939] - User can't search for 'Runtime State'
[HYP-1088] - Nagios actions only work against AWS and Openstack
[HYP-1087] - CheckMK shows  error when port value is not a number
[HYP-1079] - Long AppTags don't break well and cause some UI distortion
[HYP-1075] - Client 'Home' cuts off labels at top of browser
[HYP-1067] - When hovering next to a doughnut summary (group's dashboard) the cursor looks and ability to click isn't consistent
[HYP-1065] - Ipad Issues - Double click to expand groups does not work
[HYP-1061] - When tables are getting small (height-wise) then some of the columns overlap the headers
[HYP-1055] - Error  whilst collecting Azure topology causes whole topology to go away
[HYP-1052] - Admin tools requires the user to re-enter  credentials
[HYP-1051] - remote-connection "hijacks" the current tab
[HYP-1050] - Concurrent vmware calls can fail
[HYP-1043] - NoSuchElementException against vsphere 6
[HYP-1042] - Vmware OutOfMemoryError "unable to create new native thread"

Release 4.2.3

Release Date:  6 December 2016


Bugs fixed

  • [HYP-984] - Azure alert timestamps could be in different ISO8601 formats - parsing those timestamps could fail
  • [HYP-986] - Azure doesn't show topology when SDK's VirtualMachine::computerName fails

Release 4.2.2

Release Date:  1 December 2016


Bugs fixed

  •  [HYP-978] - Azure topology fails due to non-firing alert rule

Release 4.2.1

Release Date:  29 November 2016


Features added

  • [HYP-818] - Azure integration

Bugs fixed
  • [HYP-958] - Unable to close Dialog box "Error: Unable to obtain action data from the Hyperglance Server" 
  • [HYP-964] - Nedi failing for link with null linktype

Release 4.2.0

Release Date:  10 November 2016


  • [HYP-790] - Link alarms 
  • [HYP-816] - Hyperglance Interactive Tutorial 
  • [HYP-867] - Clickable Entity-specific URLs in the client UI 
  • [HYP-865] - New SDK example script for Entity-Specific-URLs 
  • [HYP-754] - Nedi <-> Vmware comms linking 
  • [HYP-868] - Improve layout so that links will tend not to intersect 
  • [HYP-893] - More specific client link names 
  • [HYP-811] - Refactor: popup windows 
  • [HYP-823] - Improve grid layouts

Bugs fixed

  • [HYP-770] - No Relayout (cluster-wise) when applying filter-like operations 
  • [HYP-784] - UI error in console when clicking on stale data in the group inventory 
  • [HYP-786] - Bubble up endpoint alarm not being reflected in 3D topology 
  • [HYP-789] - Selected Isolate icons get in the way when trying to select another mode 
  • [HYP-805] - AWS security group missing 'Source' attributes when local 
  • [HYP-810] - Guac console text hard to read 
  • [HYP-812] - Support Docker swarm mode 
  • [HYP-814] - State:pending should be 'transitioning' tag icon, not 'suspended' 
  • [HYP-828] - OpenStack router not connecting to networks 
  • [HYP-831] - Phones not connecting in HG when they are connected in NeDi 
  • [HYP-844] - VMware 5.5 giving null pointer 
  • [HYP-852] - Can't auth into Fujitsu OpenStack 
  • [HYP-863] - unlinked endpoint shows up in the 3D 
  • [HYP-889] - Security group list not complete 
  • [HYP-614] - Top level groups show even when no access configured 
  • [HYP-787] - Problems connecting to vCenter causes HG to hang, needs wildfly restart 
  • [HYP-793] - Kubernetes node not connecting to OpenStack Instance 
  • [HYP-803] - Get error from HG AWS AMI with policy applied "Must specify userName when calling with non-User credentials" 
  • [HYP-806] - RBAC leaves empty top-level groups 
  • [HYP-807] - Support + as a delimiter of apptags in AWS 
  • [HYP-820] - VMware NullPointerException from inaccessible datastores 
  • [HYP-883] - HTTP 417 error from Openstack 
  • [HYP-887] - All NeDi links show as two links, not one 
  • [HYP-870] - Change trial message from Error to Notice 
  • [HYP-791] - Terminated instances' alarms shouldn't bubble up (to the group) 

Release 4.1.5

Release Date:  29 October 2016


Bugs fixed

  • [HYP-883] - OpenStack getting 417 errors

Release 4.1.4

Release Date:  26 October 2016



  • [HYP-858] - Support for Ohio AWS region

Bugs fixed

  • [HYP-845 ] - Printer icon not showing in NeDi

Release 4.1.3

Release Date:  13 October 2016


  • [HYP-830] - Hyperglance Licensing 2.0

Bugs fixed

  • [HYP-820] - VMware NullPointerException from inaccessible datastores
  • [HYP-831] - Phones not connecting in HG when they are connected in NeDi
  • [HYP-832] - IP Phones don't have an icon
  • [HYP-841] - console.log is not disabled on linux

Release 4.1.2

Release Date:  5 October 2016

Features added

  • [HYP-809] - User able to change the ‘-‘ for the name of the default group in AWS
  • [HYP-817] - Openstack Keystone V3 support



  • [HYP-823] - Topology grid layouts tuned for better visibility

Bugs fixed

  • [HYP-815] - If AWS security creds get unauthenticated on one account it stops all AWS accounts collecting
  • [HYP-828] - OpenStack router not connecting to networks