Administrators are able to create Nodes and Links on demand.

Admin defined Nodes will be placed inside the Network datasource. For example, Admins could add a WAN that is not being collected by the active collectors. Besides Nodes, Admins can create Links between any pair, of distinct, Nodes or Endpoints. Following our example, this would allow you to link your network resources to the newly created WAN.

When creating Links you need just search for the Node or Endpoint you want the Link to connect from/to, then pick the right one from the result list. The search is not limited to Entity names. It works similarly to the search feature on the Topology.

Note: If a Link connects to or from a Manually Created Node then one must be careful when deleting the Node, since this action will also delete the corresponding Link. On the other hand, if a non admin defined Link end disappears, the Link will become Inactive but will remain on the List.

The Admin is also able to edit previously created Nodes at will.

This feature set is aimed at filling in logical holes in topologies, that collectors are not able to do by themselves. Since the latter do not always provide the full picture of the underlying resources, or perhaps not in enough topological detail, Admin Manual Entities allow the Admin to improve the visual understanding and representation of the topology, in particular the Network part of it.