Hyperglance integrates with Grafana to bring you beautiful dashboards that summarise the monitoring activity of each and every group in Dependency View in Hyperglance.

How To Access Grafana

1) Select a Dependency View; Dependency Views could be found in the global "Dependency Views" list or in the ATTRIBUTES tab of a tagged entity and click the following icon:

2) Login to grafana. (Grafana uses the same default username/password as Hyperglance, usually either admin/admin or admin/instanceID for instance bought from the AWS marketplace).


Understanding the Dependency Views Dashboard

You can navigate between different dependency views using the dropdown at the top-left:

You would also have all the following rows:

"Nodes Status Summary"

"Nodes Status for last 30 days"
"Node Category By Type"

"Node Category By Attributes for last 30 days"

"Node Category By Runtime State for last 30 days"

For more info please refer to Group dashboard.