To discover WMI nodes and gather metrics on them, we need a few additional information / config changes.

The Steps to enable WMI scanning on Hyperglance are:

1. SSH into the VM


2. Edit  /etc/icinga2/conf.d/wmi.conf


Add the WMI credentials to the following parameters at the start of the file. (*Note: Currently, only one set of credentials can be entered)


const Global_WMIUser = ""

const Global_WMIPassword = ""



3. Edit /opt/wildfly/standalone/deployments/hgs.ear/lib/common.jar/ 

(*Note: Only if your Windows devices are set to not allow ping, this will cause Hyperglance to try and connect to TCP port 135 on every device in the scanning subnet)


Uncomment the following line at the bottom of the file:



This will enable discovery of nodes that do not support ICMP but have port 135 open for WMI.



4. Restart services


service icinga2 restart or systemctl restart icinga2

service wildfly restart or systemctl restart wildlfy