To keep your topology and device monitoring up-to-date with a changing network you can have the discovery to auto-run on a schedule:

Set the Priodicity to one of the scheduling options:

Device Retention & Anti-Flapping

With periodic discovery enabled Hyperglance will retain nodes in the topology for a period of time after those devices did not successfully show up on a periodic scan.  This is intended as 'anti-flapping' behaviour to prevent any intermittent network timeouts, power-resets or quick maintenance on devices from causing nodes to come-and-go from the 3D topology.

By default this "time to live" (TTL) period is set to 36 hours. After which any devices which have not been 'seen' in that timespan will be removed on the next scheduled discovery.  If a node is re-detected in that time then the TTL timer for that node will be reset.

To adjust the time-to-live:

  • Edit: /opt/wildfly/standalone/deployments/hgs.ear/lib/common.jar/
  • Set the number of hours for the TTL period to last:  discovery.ttl-hours=36