Hyperglance integrates with Grafana to bring you beautiful dashboards that summarise the monitoring activity of each and every node in "Network" datasource.

Such nodes would have an hyper-link to their "Network Dashboard" or "Server Dashboard" in case it is a server.

How To Access Grafana

1) Select a node from the Hyperglance topology; switch to the ATTRIBUTES tab and you will find a link to the "Metrics Dashboard".

2) Login to grafana. (Grafana uses the same default username/password as Hyperglance, usually either admin/admin or admin/instanceID for instance bought from the AWS marketplace).

Understanding the Grafana Server/Network Dashboard

You can navigate between different devices using the dropdowns at the top-left:

You can also select which interfaces you would like to see through the "interfaceName" widget.

Shows the state of the current device, current CPU utilization, current memory usage, ping latency chart & bandwidth size and usage of the device's interfaces.


Shows various charts of resource's consumption: mean CPU load, mean memory usage, mean disk usage, number processes.

Interface Metrics

Shows a separate dashboard for each of the device's interfaces.

Each dashboard contains: interface's bandwidth, bandwidth usage, discard and error counters' charts