Step 1 - Register a datasource name for your 'app' to get an API key

  • Visit: https://IP_Address/#/admin/hgapi
  • Click 'Register App'
  • Enter a Datasource name. It should be unique, short & succinct. It should neatly tells us the 'source' of the data. E.g. "OracleDB". It will be used later in API calls and visible in the Hyperglance user-interface.
  • Enter an Label. This can be a more lengthy description and will only be displayed on this page. E.g. "The Oracle 10g database for the CRM"
  • Click Submit to be given an API key. <--- Keep this key secure!

Step 2 - Download our sample Python3 scripts

  • Download from here.   <--- Make sure to download the version that matches to your version of Hyperglance!

Step 3 - Configure

  • Open in a text editor
  • At the top of file set the DATASOURCE and API_KEY values to your datasource and API key that you created in step 1.
  • Set the HGS_URL to point to your running Hyperglance instance.

Step 4 - Run

  • From the commandline:   python
  • From IDLE (Windows):  Right click -> Edit in IDLE -> Run -> Run Module

Step 5 - View your topology in Hyperglance

  • This could take up to a minute before it is visible in Hyperglance.