To aid in debugging SNMP discovery issues the Hyperglance Support tea may ask you to provide a MIB dump.

This guide describes how to create MIB dumps:

1) Visit https://IP_Address:8443/#/admin/snmp

2) Edit your SNMP config:

3) Scroll down to the DEBUGGING section and add the IP (or multiple IPs) of the devices you need to generate MIB dumps for:

4) Click Save

5) Run a discovery

(If you know that the discovery will take a while then instead of running a full discovery you could just re-discover a single subnet (you can even add the IP as an included subnet to specifically to achieve this):

6) Wait until the discovery is complete. The logs will tell you this. Also the spinner in the button will stop

7) Download the SNMP logs:

8) That's it! The logs should contain the MIB dump(s) of the devices. Just send us the zip file.