Hyperglance uses Apache Guacamole to enable console sessions in the browser. One of the features of Guacamole is the ability to record console sessions to disk for audit and compliance purposes. 

To configure this feature in Hyperglance, SSH to the Hyperglance instance and edit /opt/wildfly/standalone/deployments/hgs.ear/lib/common.jar/runtime.properties

There are two options that are customisable: 



The first option allows you to specify a location on the local file system where the session recordings will be stored and the second allows you to turn the feature off and on.

The second option determines if any session is recorded at all. This is enabled by default.

After changing any option you will need to restart wildfly:

sudo service wildfly restart

NOTE: The wildfly user needs to be able to write to the directory you specify in guacamole.recording.folder

RDP recording

The RDP recordings take the form of protocol dumps. Recordings can be subsequently translated to a normal video stream using the guacenc utility provided with the Hyperglance appliance.

For example, to produce a video called "NAME.m4v" from the recording "NAME", you would run:

$ guacenc /path/to/recording/NAME