Hyperglance shows AWS peering connections between your own VPCs, with a VPC in another AWS account, or with a VPC in a different AWS Region. For AWS documentation on AWS peering go here

In the group view Hyperglance shows Peering as a dotted link between VPC. This link can be selected.

When you select a peering link you will see a pop-up that shows the two peers and their corresponding VPCs. Each peer can be selected and will then show the attributes associated.


We have created a 'Peer Node' on each side of the connection corresponding to a 'Peering Connection' in each VPC. This way you can easily see the connections inside the VPC that have access to the peering connection. Here you can see the peer in the 'Prod VPC'  selected and showing its attributes.

Hyperglance showing a Peering between two VPCs in the US East 1 region. You can see the peers in each VPC (in orange) and the connection between them. You can also see the peer connected to their corresponding route table.