Rather than use Hyperglance's internal database you can administer users and roles via an LDAP service like Active Directory.

When assigning roles to users make sure you read about how the roles work in Hyperglance's RBAC system.

1) Stop Wildfly:  sudo service wildfly stop

2) Open this file for editing: /opt/wildfly/standalone/configuration/standalone.xml

3)  Locate the LDAP login-module section. It starts with: <login-module code="Ldap"

4) Configure appropriate values for each <module-option> tag within this section.  Many of the default values are suitable Microsoft Active Directory already in which case the only module-options that you will need to set are these:

  • java.naming.provider.url - Please provide the URL to an Active Directory server. 
  • principalDNPrefix - Please provide text that will be automatically prefixed onto the username when authenticating, e.g. MYCOMPANYDOMAIN\ 
  • rolesCtxDN - Please provide the distinguished name to the context to search for user roles, e.g. OU=roles,DC=mycompany,DC=org

5) Start Wildfly:  sudo service wildfly start

More details about configuring the LDAP integration are available online: