The Main Dashboard

The main dashboard gives you an overview of your cloud inventory and all of the cost and compliance monitoring rules.

(1) - A summary of your cloud inventory - Click any item to see a detailed inventory of each type of resource.

(2) - An at-a-glance summary of the status of the rules that are continually monitoring your environment

(3) - Rule tags. All rules are tagged so you can find them based on categories such as "Cost", "Compliance" or "Best Practice" or based on compliance standards like "ISO27001", "NIST" or "GDPR", as well as severity or even just which types of resources the rules pertain to.

(4) - All of the rules in the system. Click on any rule to find out more about it.

(5) - A bar with filtering options on what data from which accounts and account groups should display on the page.

Rules run automatically on their schedule. You can edit this schedule using the 'edit' pencil or even run them manually at any time using the refresh button:

How to Get Notified When Rules Detect Issues

When rules detect issues you can be notified personally by Email. You can also configure notifications to be sent to AWS SNS or Azure EventGrid.

To setup Email notifications:


1) For Email to work you will first need to configure SMTP: Read more about that here.


2) You can bulk-edit a pack that want to be notified about and this will configure all the rules within that pack to Email you, to do that click the 'edit' pencil on the right-hand-side:


3) In the Edit Pack dialog tick the Email and enter a suitable recipient email address:

4) Repeat this process for any other packs you are interested in being notified about.


Importing and Exporting Rules:

You can import rules by the upload button (up arrow)

You can export rules by the download button (down arrow)